Awakening Your Spirit Music: Consciousness Activation With Binaural Beats

08 August, 2016

Laugh the Stress Away

I hope that you have been practicing the exercises that I have provided below. I have been posting less because I wanted to ensure you were practicing the exercises and making a habit of it. Too many new habits at once is confusing. I hope you are a little more grounded at this time. Here is a very simple exercise for you. As we well know, we are stressed about many things and many times on a daily basis. I want you to laugh it out. If you cannot laugh at your stress, please at least smile.This does not mean that you want to ignore all of the negative things that are happening, it means that you want to get rid of them but you have to have a better outlook on life. To fear stress is to make it a reality. To laugh at it is to say that shit happens but it is temporary and will go away. Have you noticed that when you give too much attention to a stressful situation that you remain stressed? How can you positively change negative situations with negative attitudes and solutions. You cannot. Like attract like, so as long as you sit in the negative, all you will receive will also be negative. Change your vibrations by using the simplest methods. It works if you work it!!!

16 June, 2016

What Else Can We Be?

Resistance, as always is a result of brainwashing or disbelief. Throughout history there have been leaders and followers; however, in a most unnatural way. Brainwashing is not true leadership and the brainwashed are followers because they know no other way. Do not let others define who you are because they are given power by people to do so. Define who you are because you are given this right by God, or what you may call a higher power, The Holy Spirit, I am, the source or what have you. To let others define you is against God's plan. If people tell you that you are wrong for reaching your source within, and they tell you that you worship satan and so forth, please tell them that they have been deceived and that they are following the God of this Earth, rather than the creator. You are supposed to know who you are. You are not simply flesh and bones. You are spirit. You are creators and let no one tell you different. If our source did not want us to create, we would not have the ability to do so. For the past week, I have been called names and told that I worship a demonic God. I worship the creator God and they actually worship a demonic God and this is known when you understand how the names were switched around in the bible so that they would be deceived into worshiping a fake and evil God. I never bring religion into this blog but I am appalled by the ignorance and do not want you to think that you worship evil (fear) just because you are learning who you really are. You are creators as am I as is God. We were created in HIS image, what else can we be?

07 June, 2016

Be it; You Are!

I have discussed that we are energy. I have discussed that like attracts like. I have discussed that we need to raise our vibrations. This must make you think, unless you already know, that we are more than flesh and bones. This is undeniable! We are spiritual beings. We are energy and we can control matter. This may take time for some of you to absorb; but, that is okay. The world of dolphins is vibratory and this should make you wonder, if you do not already know that as above, so below, we are Earth, surrounded by water. If this is a concept you do not subscribe to, I am almost sure that most of you will in time. It is the blockage of that who we are that halts that which we can be. We were not meant to be just flesh and bone. Our flesh and bones are the vehicles that are our vessels in each of our incarnations. We are spiritual beings and need to live as such. Meaning that we need to look at life through the eyes of our spirit and not the eyes of a human. We are super beings living a human experience but we do not have to look through the eyes of the societies in which we live. We need to stand back and above and look at life as we are observers. This may be hard in the beginning so let us begin by practicing observance. Look at life everyday or for as long as you can each day as a divine being. You are not a slave to society. You are tired of rubbing your feet from a hard day's work and feeling you are getting nowhere as you fill the pockets of the elite. The exercise, then, everyday is to act and know that you are a divine being! Do not ever forget this. Think it, remember, see it, remember, feel it, remember, BE it! You are!

15 May, 2016

Use Your Energy for Good: Change Negative into Positive

Here is an exercise to turn negative experiences into positive ones. Whether you think of your life experiences as lessons or what have you, we all have a different opinion. No matter, we all have experiences that we categorize as good and bad, or positive and negative. We apparently have experiences that we have to accept until we learn how to only attract positive experiences; until then we have to accept the negative ones as well. We do not have to call them negative though. We just have to change the meaning of our impressions of why the experiences are negative. What can we learn from a "negative" experience? First, we can learn that the experience may be a good experience for the other person or people in the experience. Then you may ask yourself, "Well, why do I have to experience the bad part?" You are experiencing the bad part because you are drawing negative experiences and outcomes to you. Apparently you are negative or more negative than positive. Like attracts like. While you are going through the process to change this, it will be wise for you to look at all of your experiences as positive. If someone cusses you out for no apparent reason, just think that they needed to vent and you were the person who may save someone else from punching them or maybe the venting will save the person's life. Maybe venting is all that person needs to feel like s/he can live a little longer.

If you lose your job, don't think of it as an attack on your life. It may not be because you are not good enough for the job. This may be an opportunity to knock on new doors or just maybe; someone else needs this job or they will become homeless with their children. Maybe that person has less reources than you do and will not be employed accept in your position. You don't want to be the bearer of negativity in the workplace by arguing about why you lost your job. Then the person you are yelling at becomes negative and this is felt in the universe. Bad vibes, my friend. Instead, be positive. You are already using energy so use it for good ~

14 May, 2016

Lose the Fear Factor

I just posted a short article on and referred people to this blog for a more in depth discussion about how your feelings or thoughts about love and fear determine your manifestation outcomes. Since there are only two real emotions; love and fear (N.D. Walsh, 2014) and we tend to focus on both, some more on one than the other, it is important to lose the fear factor when we want to manifest something. According to Walsh, when we desire a thing and we think about how much we want it, the ABSOLUTE thing we desire is supposed to manifest in time. This stands true when we think with love rather than fear. Now when we desire a thing and we think about it and we have thoughts of fear, we manifest that which we fear rather than that which we love. We have been brainwashed to the point that fear runs many of our lives today. Bob Proctor maintains that if we desire abundance in our lives, for example, say you desire money; however, you have always heard that money is dirty and you hear the term filthy rich, then you will have a fear of having money and you will not manifest money. Walsh states that your thoughts of fear overrides your thoughts of love. This must be changed.

If we lived on fear alone, we would have nothing. Life is miserable when we live in fear and we have nations in fear due to war and bankruptcy and the mention of declaring martial law. It is time to let go of the fear factor and focus all of our thoughts on love. Love is the way and I am not being mushy; I am telling it like it is. In Walsh's conversation with God, he states that fear constricts and love expands; therefore, it is imperative to lose the fear factor if we are to manifest what we truly desire.

I truly hope that you have been practicing the exercises below because they will help you get to know you and also bring serenity into your lives. Seriously; a few hours alone out there in the lock down of the elite's society is call for meditation or simple focus alone. They intend to keep you out from your inside so that you can have nothing but the paycheck that they give you. So, we do not have to add this as another exercise unless you want to. Time for self can be addicting because it is so perfect and natural. Instead; if you prefer, while dedicating time to yourselves, as I hope you are doing, you can take a few minutes to think about things you fear. You may have to write them down if there are many. Focus on why you fear this particular thing and overcome it. Some fears we can overcome quickly, maybe by accepting that they are fears and logically deducing that fear to nothing. There are larger fears that we must physically conquer and the sooner we do this, the sooner your thoughts will be thoughts of love rather than fear. This means that manifesting what you truly desire will be easy.

13 May, 2016

The Spirit can Live Alone

We must come to know ourselves. The funny thing is that most of us think we know who we are because of who others tell us we are. All we have to do is go inside. We MUST know and not guess who we are. We Must go inside for knowledge. The knowledge one gains in school is not spiritual knowledge; in fact, it deters us from the true knowledge that we need to spiritually evolve. It matters not whether or not you believe in God, G-d or what you may call a higher power, you still must evolve spiritually. In the case for those who do not believe and need proof; the way to find God if you have not, is by going inside. It is time to stop playing thinking games and trusting people who tell us what they feel like telling us. It is time to play knowing games! Humans can't live in body alone, nor can they live on intellect alone; however, spirit can live alone. What does that tell you? It is time to awaken people. The hints are not subtle; they are quite "in your face." "Simone says ~ Get with the Positive!"

It is time to win the Battle Between Good and Evil: Push the Positive into the Universe!

There is an abundance of chaos and absolute negativity being felt on Earth (which carries into the universe). Therefore; we must push an abundance times 10 out! You will hear me talking a lot about being positive and I hope you never tire of it, but the fact of the matter is that it over powers negativity and we must be positive in order to win this battle between good and evil NOW. Please, do not think for one moment that I am not serious because I have never been more serious about anything in my life. Whether you believe in God, G-d, Jesus, a higher power or what have you, you must believe that being positive will be felt throughout the universe and any type of higher power deserves this type of energy rather than continue to freely give our energy to evil. Remember to make viral the following "Simone says ~ Get with the Positive!" Love and peace ~ Simone

12 May, 2016

Get with the Positive...Will You?

There are so many things that can take us off our chosen path's course. Why do we let this happen? Maybe because many of us are not conscious of the brainwashing we endure on a daily basis from the day we are born. This brainwashing makes us forget who we are and is intended to do so. You must go within to fight these demons that are attacking us on a daily basis. Have faith in Him and also yourself because we are all part of him and He of us. As you breathe in the world around you, please exhale the total filth that is not needed. Get negativity out of your temple and spew only kindness and teach others to be a model of positivity. Get with the Positive!!!~Simone I see some of the strangest things going viral on the net...Let's make this viral... "Simone says ~ Get with the Positive!"

11 May, 2016

The Collective: Make it a Habit

Good morning, good afternoon and good evening to people all around this flat Earth. Let's not discuss the flat Earth on this post. Just know that if you ask questions, even to yourselves, you may question how we stand upright on a spinning ball. OK, enough of that. We have discussed here that we are one collective mind and that we must push positivity into the collective rather than being negative. I am sure that many or you are unaware that the more positve we are as a whole, the more many issues will heal for all of us. Each one of us has the power to make the collective more powerful by being positive. Let this be our simple practice today and make it a habit. Think about the collective and how all of us together can help to heal our home...Earth ~ I am grateful for each and every one of you~

30 April, 2016

Extremism is Unbalanced: Breathe

The reason why I write a blog, article and book before I create the title is because I need to see the whole picture before I use a narrow title. When your mind is closed (narrow-minded) you may not hear or read vital information. When your mind is open to everything, you may become scatter-brained and still may not hear or read vital information. There is a multitude of information on the internet telling us who is who, what is what, which is which and when everything is going to happen. They say that we are living in end times, the gates of hell just opened, the new world order, the president will declare martial law in order to run a third term, Trump will win, Hillary is a real witch, all of the presidents have been free masons and Illuminati. Further talk states that the pope and American president are implementing the new world order and the new world order is Satan's idea that the anti-Christ (they say Obama) will implement after declaring martial war. What else? Oh; yes, Wal-Mart is supposed to stand for Martial Law. Wal backwards is law and Mart is short for martial. You have to love the backwardness of it, though. It must have been Satan's idea or one of his many followers walking this Earth (the FLAT Earth). This is a lot of information and we can certainly feel like we are on mental overload.

If I write the title before I write my book, I will be limited to writing what the topic states the book is about. If I write the book first, I can see the whole picture and label the contents according to the whole picture. If you are narrow-minded you have a narrow outlook. That is sort of like living life in a tunnel. If you are too open to everything, your mind-set becomes like open freeways and you will have a hard time choosing a road. Being extreme is not balanced. Now I have found my name for this blog post "Extremism is Unbalanced." My mind was open to wait to label the content and not too open to where I will have to read the post over and again to find an topic. The thing is, is that I am willing to change the title at the end if other ideas are brought into the post. Further, I realize each time I write an article or book that eventually it will have a title so I know not to use too many ideas in one article or book. I realize that there is a limit to how much information we can take in, analyze and label. If you are narrow-minded, I am not sure I can give suggestions for you to open up a little; however, I can tell you that closed-minded people are typically set in their ways, they think their view is the only truth and well, they will get NO WHERE instead of being NOW HERE.

If you get nowhere being close and open-minded; what is the solution. Balance is the solution. If you don't listen to the opinions of others, you learn nothing. If you listen to too many people, essentially you learn nothing because you do not know how to take it slow and you lose track of information. This of course is the work of the elite...that we should be overloaded so that we forget who we REALLY are and also if we are busy overloading ourselves, then the elite and his followers (slaves) can do what they will because we are in a web of information hiding real life.

I suggest that closed-minded people wake up and look at the world around you using less judgement and for those who are too open to focus on any one thing, simply slow down and deal with one stressor at a time. Breathe and take one piece of information at a time. Avoid anxiety, stress and depression by taking a step back. Breathe and focus on one thing at a time. Listen to your breath, always listen to your breath. If you are not in a situation where you can meditate about new information that you do not understand, simply focus on your breath until you can meditate where you can go inside of yourself. It is extremely necessary that I go inside on a daily basis so I can understand what I hear on YouTube, understand the scholarly articles I read and understand the opinions I hear others state so that I can be relaxed and so I focus on one idea when I am writing. Inhale the world around you, exhale the baggage!

28 April, 2016

Your Spirit

Our world is going through tough times and there is a lot of negative energy out there and of course this effects the universe and throws it off balance. It is the duty of each and every one of us to heal our brothers and sisters, the Earth and the universe. We must begin with ourselves and we must look within ourselves for the answers. All of our answers come from our Universal Father and from within. He lives in all of our hearts and our spirits belong to one consciousness, so let's get on with it, shall we?

Give not your energy to the evil that dwells beneath and on the Earth. Being negative feeds evil and that is not our plan. Our plan is to banish evil by standing together, thinking only positive thoughts and doing things to help us survive as one collective mind. Push evil thoughts out of your mind. Do not be creatures of habit and let yourselves perish at the hands of a small percent of people who plan to destroy honesty, integrity and pure love. Unfortunately, many of you do not know this but when you are worshiping God , many of you are worshiping the so called god of this planet rather than our one True God of the universe, the Creator of all. You know there is a difference and you must know the difference and free yourselves from this bondage. Do you think that our creator wants us to forever live in bondage? Free your spirits from this bondage. When you meditate this morning, this afternoon or tonight, do say "I Am free form negative bondage, I Am." "I Am strength, I Am." "I Am spirit, I Am!" Please do not confuse this with soul.

Thank you and perfect love to ALL~ PS There are an abundance of videos on YouTube that are causing many to be confused and upset, such as the video below. Whether you agree with these videos or not, please do not become confused or afraid because the power within your spirit, not your EGO, but your SPIRIT is stronger than an army of men.

15 April, 2016

Negitivity and Energy

Hello All. Today I would like to focus on negativity. Negativity is baggage and definitely something that you can release from by going inside of yourself. Most people live a life on the outside of themselves. Everything is about how you look to others and whether or not "who you are" is acceptable to your friends and family. This is unacceptable because who you are on the outside must not define who you really are. What happens when you are not in a place where others "THINK" or "WANT" you to be? You tend to take this personally because you are use to others defining who you are. This is the power that we give others which makes them stroger and us weaker. This makes sense, does it not? When you give a king power he becomes more powerful. This is your energy that you are giving up to others. Could you not use this energy for yourself? How much energy was given from others to Hitler? Everyone else's energy made Hitler a very powerful dictator! He could not have accomplished all of his abominable goals without the energy from the spirits of others. Evil needs energy to survive. You can survive without evil but evil cannot survive without you. Maybe we should be mindful that Satan needs our spirit energy in order to accomplish his goals here on Earth.

Feeling less about oneself because of the pressure you choose to receive from others is negative. These thoughts of inadequacy are like demons and demons can be exercised and one does not need a priest to exercise demons of this sort. One only needs to go inside of oneself and focus on who you really are. You are not your body as your body is your temporary vessel and if you have the misfortune of being reincarnated into Satan's playground again, you will have a new body. Your mind, or psyche (soul) is not what defines you. Your mind is influenced by society until you choose to influence it. This leaves your spirit, or your center, your God, your I AM or presence. This IS who you are. Your body dies as does the career path you choose to take in each life. Your spririt; however, this is eternal. This is you and will always be you no matter what. So what you want to do is live life as yourself and stop living through others. Know that you can live a more peaceful life if you use your body and mind when they are needed and live as your spirit. Your spirit is not only eternal but it is everywhere and not bound to this earth. The things that are bound to this Earth are our bodies, matter and Satan and as I do not want to be bound here with Satan, I like to get out of my mind and body. This is best achieved by meditating and also I live above or beyond my body and mind. Meaning that my true self is my spirit so that is where I must live and this makes me the witness of all that goes on around and in me.

Some people I know think that I am odd; however, this is their problem, not mine. My words for them is that if you don't know who you really are, you are odd. I do a lot of research in order to find like--minded people because I do think out of the realm of most people. I do find like-minded people and they confirm my truth. The other day on April 13th I came across a Youtube video of a man they call Mooji and can be found at as well as on Youtube. Moojii also confirmed my truths. So, understand I am different from most other people because I did not lose myself to brainwashing from the media and others in Satan's playground (Earth). I am not going to say that I am fully enlightened, but I do not need to be awakened. People, you are all half asleep and I would love for you to awaken to your beautiful perfect selves.

21 February, 2016

Just Breathe

Relaxation is key. Whether or not you want to meditate is completely your decision. I am an advocate of meditation but I will not push it on you, it is only a suggestion. I do; however, want you to relax. Take a breather! In this day and age everybody thinks too much about things that are irrelevant to having a full life. All we think about are bills and commerce. The consumer matrix we live in has taken up too much space in our minds. The stress of competing with others about who has the bigger and better something keeps people in a perpetual cycle of enslavement. How can we become better at anything we want that is important to us when we are consistantly becoming better for things that others want? Just breathe~ It is important that we take time out of our busy days and focus on ourselves. If you do not take time to focus on YOU on a daily basis then you have no respect for yourselves. Further, if you have a family, taking away from yourselves also takes away from your families because you are not focusing on becoming the best YOU that you can be. Sit back and focus on your breathing. Listen to your breath and nothing else. Once you have the breathing down, you will be able to focus on your paradigm. That is; you will be able to change your pattern of thoughts to enable you to have a better life. You will be able to bring that which you desire into manifestation which enables you to change your reality to one that YOU create. First things first...Just breathe~

02 February, 2016

Balance is a Priori Knowledge

There are times you must think about yourselves. I do not, by any means want to sound selfish. It is extremely important to weigh your pros and cons if they are not evident upon simple thought. Doing things for the betterment of the collective is commendable, but if you are hurting yourselves in the process; as you are a part of the are still negatively hurting the collective. Balance must be found and is a priori knowledge; balance is something that we KNOW must exist. Reach deep within yourselves and know when you are being swayed to put others before yourselves. The bottom line is that it is great that you care about others, however; you must also care about yourselves. If you care too much about others and not yourselves, there is no balance. If you care too much about yourselves and not others ~ no balance. Balance brings harmony to the universe so please, from now on, if you have choices to make, make it a habit to use balance as a tool for making your decisions.

24 January, 2016

Removing Stressors

Hi all! As you know from prior posts; I do not typically get personal on this blog. The main reason is because I am teaching my guests how to relax, have gratitude and raise their vibrations. I decided that it is OK to share some of my personal experiences because sharing experiences constitutes as knowledge as well, in fact, many times; learning from another's experience can be more helpful depending on the subject. I have a person in my life who is very negative and insists that she is positive. She puts me down, she puts others down and in fact is extremely judgemental and when I tell her that she is judgemental and does not have a filter, she justifies her actions by insisting that what she says is truth and people don't like hearing the truth. Almost every night of the week, after she gets off of work, she texts me and puts down everyone, accept herself. I feed into this lunacy on most nights and I know this is not good for me. I even feel my heart racing, and I feel flush so I am assuming that my blood pressure is on the rise whenever we are in contact with each other. In a previous post I stated that it is necessary to remove stressors in our lives, accept for the stressors that we cannot remove, or immediately move from our lives. Do you ever tell yourselves to take your own advice, to practice what you preach? Well this is where I tell myself that :) I have tried not to remove her from my life completely because when she is not talking about others, she is a nice person. It doesn't matter how much of a nice person she is because she makes me physically ill. Being stressed and frustrated and angry most definitely work against raising our vibrations to those that are positive and most high. So here is where I have to decide to keep this friendship or remove it from my life. I spoke with her about this problem several times and she is getting worse. I can no longer have a relatonship with a person who cannot be a friend to me, does not respect my feelings and is generally a person who does not want to raise her vibration, but instead wants to lower the vibrations of others. This type of person is poison to the collective and I will no longer be a part of it. For those of you who keep poison in your lives like this, I want you to think about whether or not the cons outweigh the pros. This is very important because if they do; remove it or them from your lives...lighten the load. There is a time to teach and be patient, however; at some point we must realize that the other person is not going to change and that the cons outweigh the pros and it is time to give up for our health and for the betterment of the collective. So, breathe, think by weighing and decide. ~

23 January, 2016

Bring it into Manifestation: Stress is a Killer ~ Turn it Around

Bring it into Manifestation: Stress is a Killer ~ Turn it Around: Stress is a killer, thereby making it necessary for us to seek serenity. It is a shame that we have to seek serenity because we were not put...

Stress is a Killer ~ Turn it Around

Stress is a killer, thereby making it necessary for us to seek serenity. It is a shame that we have to seek serenity because we were not put here to be stressed or unhappy and frustrated. Stress must be taken out of our lives, however; there are stressors that we cannot get rid of such as co-workers, bosses, and certain situations. For those stressors that we cannot lose, we have to learn how do deal with them. Breathing, music, exercise and meditation help us to relieve stress. Simply being grateful relieves stress because being grateful for something gives us hope that we will have more things in life to be grateful for. Further, turning everything from negative to positive relieves stress. For example, if you are annoyed by something that a co-worker does, first be grateful that you have a job because that quashes thoughts of negativity such as I hate my job, I wish I didn't have this job and so forth. After you find something to be grateful for, it is time to make what happened positive. Did your co-worker teach you something? Maybe you don't like the way she went about it but maybe there is a lesson involved. You may even feel better thanking your co-worker for teaching you something. As many of us live in cultures where competition is important, this idea may be totally against the norm, but; can anyone compete with being the better person? That is the question~

21 January, 2016

Benefits of being Grateful

If you have been following my blog, you know that I am here for your spiritual wellness. I also have websites and other blogs for mental wellness and physical wellness as well as social and individual justice. I am a humanitarian and there are many topics that interest me; I am interested in humanity as a whole. You may also say that I am interested in the health of our planet because it is our home and it serves us so we must in turn serve it. A relationship is a relationship, right!? I hope that you are reading the exercises and my thoughts below. They truly work. What is the big deal about being grateful, you may ask? Have you ever noticed that people who are not grateful are typically miserable and negative. I mean you have to be negative if you have NOTHING to be grateful for. If you are ungrateful, it is because you are negative for sure. Negativity brings negativity. Like attracts like. Why not be positive? Like attracts like. You will bring into your life that which makes you happy, thereby making you find reasons to be grateful and reflect on them throughout the day, especially when you awaken each day. Also when you are having a bad day, turn on the grateful mode. It works if you work work it! I have written books about manifesting among other things and they are well...something like self-help books. You can find them at Each one of us that practices self-awareness and manifestation adds positivity to the collective mind. It raises self-esteem, it is great for leadership in the workplace and for every relationship that you desire to partake in, but most of all...besides the collective, it is best for YOU.

02 January, 2016

Take Inventory and Release the Baggage

Sometimes it is hard to deal with certain aspects in our lives, however; if we do not look inside, and I mean take a good look inside; we fail to see that which no longer fits. We must take stock, and I mean conduct a thorough inventory of what is good and what is baggage. In a selfish way, if it no longer suits you, dump it. Balance is what we need for harmonious lives, so; if we carry too much baggage, we get lost in it. Pick a time every day, or maybe once per week or monthly to decide what belongs in your luggage and what belongs in anothers. Seek to have balance and when you feel the scales are tipping, it is time to take stock! Remove the negative, the overwhelming, that which is sad, the burdens and just LET GO. Take a fair inventory so that you feel good about your decision to have a balanced life and DO not beat yourselves up. If we do not balance our lives, who will? God is a loving God and please, do not think that He does not work with us. No matter what we decide our lives will be, God says YES. When we say I am poor, He says yes you are. When we say I am abundance, HE says, yes you are. You are whatever you say you are, whatever you want to be. I am not saying that God is not here to pick us up, but that is not the plan. God did not create us to constantly pick us up to where we cannot pick ourselves up. If this is what you think, you think very little of God. With that said, we all have a purpose in life and we are here to fulfull our purpose and if we need to be carried, doesn't it seem that if we are not carried in emergencies; we will not be able to fulfill our purpose. Some people say, well how can I believe in God when I had such a bad life or what kind of God would let so and so die. The kind of God who is lettting us fulfill our purpose. Take inventory, remove the baggage, and fulfill your purpose!