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30 April, 2016

Extremism is Unbalanced: Breathe

The reason why I write a blog, article and book before I create the title is because I need to see the whole picture before I use a narrow title. When your mind is closed (narrow-minded) you may not hear or read vital information. When your mind is open to everything, you may become scatter-brained and still may not hear or read vital information. There is a multitude of information on the internet telling us who is who, what is what, which is which and when everything is going to happen. They say that we are living in end times, the gates of hell just opened, the new world order, the president will declare martial law in order to run a third term, Trump will win, Hillary is a real witch, all of the presidents have been free masons and Illuminati. Further talk states that the pope and American president are implementing the new world order and the new world order is Satan's idea that the anti-Christ (they say Obama) will implement after declaring martial war. What else? Oh; yes, Wal-Mart is supposed to stand for Martial Law. Wal backwards is law and Mart is short for martial. You have to love the backwardness of it, though. It must have been Satan's idea or one of his many followers walking this Earth (the FLAT Earth). This is a lot of information and we can certainly feel like we are on mental overload.

If I write the title before I write my book, I will be limited to writing what the topic states the book is about. If I write the book first, I can see the whole picture and label the contents according to the whole picture. If you are narrow-minded you have a narrow outlook. That is sort of like living life in a tunnel. If you are too open to everything, your mind-set becomes like open freeways and you will have a hard time choosing a road. Being extreme is not balanced. Now I have found my name for this blog post "Extremism is Unbalanced." My mind was open to wait to label the content and not too open to where I will have to read the post over and again to find an topic. The thing is, is that I am willing to change the title at the end if other ideas are brought into the post. Further, I realize each time I write an article or book that eventually it will have a title so I know not to use too many ideas in one article or book. I realize that there is a limit to how much information we can take in, analyze and label. If you are narrow-minded, I am not sure I can give suggestions for you to open up a little; however, I can tell you that closed-minded people are typically set in their ways, they think their view is the only truth and well, they will get NO WHERE instead of being NOW HERE.

If you get nowhere being close and open-minded; what is the solution. Balance is the solution. If you don't listen to the opinions of others, you learn nothing. If you listen to too many people, essentially you learn nothing because you do not know how to take it slow and you lose track of information. This of course is the work of the elite...that we should be overloaded so that we forget who we REALLY are and also if we are busy overloading ourselves, then the elite and his followers (slaves) can do what they will because we are in a web of information hiding real life.

I suggest that closed-minded people wake up and look at the world around you using less judgement and for those who are too open to focus on any one thing, simply slow down and deal with one stressor at a time. Breathe and take one piece of information at a time. Avoid anxiety, stress and depression by taking a step back. Breathe and focus on one thing at a time. Listen to your breath, always listen to your breath. If you are not in a situation where you can meditate about new information that you do not understand, simply focus on your breath until you can meditate where you can go inside of yourself. It is extremely necessary that I go inside on a daily basis so I can understand what I hear on YouTube, understand the scholarly articles I read and understand the opinions I hear others state so that I can be relaxed and so I focus on one idea when I am writing. Inhale the world around you, exhale the baggage!

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