Awakening Your Spirit Music: Consciousness Activation With Binaural Beats

23 February, 2017

I am Back after 6 Months

I apologize to those of you who tell me you practice my exercises. I moved at the end of August 2016 and was the last time I actually posted to all of my 30 websites.Glad to be back! I am assuming you are still practicing my exercises. I am also assuming that your gratitude has given you blessings in some form or another. Remember, "Gratitude = Magnitude." Thoughts and words are vibrations that travel. Vibrations go out and come back to us in likeness. I would love for you to begin to focus more on your thought patterns. If you are new here, please see all posts. Start with my first post until you make it here. You should not focus on thought patterns until you practice the other exercises, please and thank you. Please begin to look at who you are and how you think about yourself. Basically, take an inventory of who you are. Ask yourself what you are made of. That which you are unhappy with needs to take a backseat because that which you are pleased with is now the focus. If we do not like something about ourselves, or something in our lives, we must change it or rid of it. Focusing on it only brings more of it so only focus on the positive. Do this for at least 18 days to make it a habit. Do not stop after 18 days. Just make it your most important exercise for 18 days and continue to practice your other exercises. If you feel that theses exercises are time consuming, the reason is because most people are taught to spend their time on everything but themselves. This needs to change. You will notice that these exercises eventually become a part of who we are and become a lifestyle rather than exercises; so, there will eventually be no effort involved. All you are doing is slowly changing your practices and thoughts to benefit from them.