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24 January, 2016

Removing Stressors

Hi all! As you know from prior posts; I do not typically get personal on this blog. The main reason is because I am teaching my guests how to relax, have gratitude and raise their vibrations. I decided that it is OK to share some of my personal experiences because sharing experiences constitutes as knowledge as well, in fact, many times; learning from another's experience can be more helpful depending on the subject. I have a person in my life who is very negative and insists that she is positive. She puts me down, she puts others down and in fact is extremely judgemental and when I tell her that she is judgemental and does not have a filter, she justifies her actions by insisting that what she says is truth and people don't like hearing the truth. Almost every night of the week, after she gets off of work, she texts me and puts down everyone, accept herself. I feed into this lunacy on most nights and I know this is not good for me. I even feel my heart racing, and I feel flush so I am assuming that my blood pressure is on the rise whenever we are in contact with each other. In a previous post I stated that it is necessary to remove stressors in our lives, accept for the stressors that we cannot remove, or immediately move from our lives. Do you ever tell yourselves to take your own advice, to practice what you preach? Well this is where I tell myself that :) I have tried not to remove her from my life completely because when she is not talking about others, she is a nice person. It doesn't matter how much of a nice person she is because she makes me physically ill. Being stressed and frustrated and angry most definitely work against raising our vibrations to those that are positive and most high. So here is where I have to decide to keep this friendship or remove it from my life. I spoke with her about this problem several times and she is getting worse. I can no longer have a relatonship with a person who cannot be a friend to me, does not respect my feelings and is generally a person who does not want to raise her vibration, but instead wants to lower the vibrations of others. This type of person is poison to the collective and I will no longer be a part of it. For those of you who keep poison in your lives like this, I want you to think about whether or not the cons outweigh the pros. This is very important because if they do; remove it or them from your lives...lighten the load. There is a time to teach and be patient, however; at some point we must realize that the other person is not going to change and that the cons outweigh the pros and it is time to give up for our health and for the betterment of the collective. So, breathe, think by weighing and decide. ~

23 January, 2016

Bring it into Manifestation: Stress is a Killer ~ Turn it Around

Bring it into Manifestation: Stress is a Killer ~ Turn it Around: Stress is a killer, thereby making it necessary for us to seek serenity. It is a shame that we have to seek serenity because we were not put...

Stress is a Killer ~ Turn it Around

Stress is a killer, thereby making it necessary for us to seek serenity. It is a shame that we have to seek serenity because we were not put here to be stressed or unhappy and frustrated. Stress must be taken out of our lives, however; there are stressors that we cannot get rid of such as co-workers, bosses, and certain situations. For those stressors that we cannot lose, we have to learn how do deal with them. Breathing, music, exercise and meditation help us to relieve stress. Simply being grateful relieves stress because being grateful for something gives us hope that we will have more things in life to be grateful for. Further, turning everything from negative to positive relieves stress. For example, if you are annoyed by something that a co-worker does, first be grateful that you have a job because that quashes thoughts of negativity such as I hate my job, I wish I didn't have this job and so forth. After you find something to be grateful for, it is time to make what happened positive. Did your co-worker teach you something? Maybe you don't like the way she went about it but maybe there is a lesson involved. You may even feel better thanking your co-worker for teaching you something. As many of us live in cultures where competition is important, this idea may be totally against the norm, but; can anyone compete with being the better person? That is the question~

21 January, 2016

Benefits of being Grateful

If you have been following my blog, you know that I am here for your spiritual wellness. I also have websites and other blogs for mental wellness and physical wellness as well as social and individual justice. I am a humanitarian and there are many topics that interest me; I am interested in humanity as a whole. You may also say that I am interested in the health of our planet because it is our home and it serves us so we must in turn serve it. A relationship is a relationship, right!? I hope that you are reading the exercises and my thoughts below. They truly work. What is the big deal about being grateful, you may ask? Have you ever noticed that people who are not grateful are typically miserable and negative. I mean you have to be negative if you have NOTHING to be grateful for. If you are ungrateful, it is because you are negative for sure. Negativity brings negativity. Like attracts like. Why not be positive? Like attracts like. You will bring into your life that which makes you happy, thereby making you find reasons to be grateful and reflect on them throughout the day, especially when you awaken each day. Also when you are having a bad day, turn on the grateful mode. It works if you work work it! I have written books about manifesting among other things and they are well...something like self-help books. You can find them at Each one of us that practices self-awareness and manifestation adds positivity to the collective mind. It raises self-esteem, it is great for leadership in the workplace and for every relationship that you desire to partake in, but most of all...besides the collective, it is best for YOU.

02 January, 2016

Take Inventory and Release the Baggage

Sometimes it is hard to deal with certain aspects in our lives, however; if we do not look inside, and I mean take a good look inside; we fail to see that which no longer fits. We must take stock, and I mean conduct a thorough inventory of what is good and what is baggage. In a selfish way, if it no longer suits you, dump it. Balance is what we need for harmonious lives, so; if we carry too much baggage, we get lost in it. Pick a time every day, or maybe once per week or monthly to decide what belongs in your luggage and what belongs in anothers. Seek to have balance and when you feel the scales are tipping, it is time to take stock! Remove the negative, the overwhelming, that which is sad, the burdens and just LET GO. Take a fair inventory so that you feel good about your decision to have a balanced life and DO not beat yourselves up. If we do not balance our lives, who will? God is a loving God and please, do not think that He does not work with us. No matter what we decide our lives will be, God says YES. When we say I am poor, He says yes you are. When we say I am abundance, HE says, yes you are. You are whatever you say you are, whatever you want to be. I am not saying that God is not here to pick us up, but that is not the plan. God did not create us to constantly pick us up to where we cannot pick ourselves up. If this is what you think, you think very little of God. With that said, we all have a purpose in life and we are here to fulfull our purpose and if we need to be carried, doesn't it seem that if we are not carried in emergencies; we will not be able to fulfill our purpose. Some people say, well how can I believe in God when I had such a bad life or what kind of God would let so and so die. The kind of God who is lettting us fulfill our purpose. Take inventory, remove the baggage, and fulfill your purpose!