Awakening Your Spirit Music: Consciousness Activation With Binaural Beats

21 February, 2016

Just Breathe

Relaxation is key. Whether or not you want to meditate is completely your decision. I am an advocate of meditation but I will not push it on you, it is only a suggestion. I do; however, want you to relax. Take a breather! In this day and age everybody thinks too much about things that are irrelevant to having a full life. All we think about are bills and commerce. The consumer matrix we live in has taken up too much space in our minds. The stress of competing with others about who has the bigger and better something keeps people in a perpetual cycle of enslavement. How can we become better at anything we want that is important to us when we are consistantly becoming better for things that others want? Just breathe~ It is important that we take time out of our busy days and focus on ourselves. If you do not take time to focus on YOU on a daily basis then you have no respect for yourselves. Further, if you have a family, taking away from yourselves also takes away from your families because you are not focusing on becoming the best YOU that you can be. Sit back and focus on your breathing. Listen to your breath and nothing else. Once you have the breathing down, you will be able to focus on your paradigm. That is; you will be able to change your pattern of thoughts to enable you to have a better life. You will be able to bring that which you desire into manifestation which enables you to change your reality to one that YOU create. First things first...Just breathe~

02 February, 2016

Balance is a Priori Knowledge

There are times you must think about yourselves. I do not, by any means want to sound selfish. It is extremely important to weigh your pros and cons if they are not evident upon simple thought. Doing things for the betterment of the collective is commendable, but if you are hurting yourselves in the process; as you are a part of the are still negatively hurting the collective. Balance must be found and is a priori knowledge; balance is something that we KNOW must exist. Reach deep within yourselves and know when you are being swayed to put others before yourselves. The bottom line is that it is great that you care about others, however; you must also care about yourselves. If you care too much about others and not yourselves, there is no balance. If you care too much about yourselves and not others ~ no balance. Balance brings harmony to the universe so please, from now on, if you have choices to make, make it a habit to use balance as a tool for making your decisions.