Awakening Your Spirit Music: Consciousness Activation With Binaural Beats

01 November, 2015

Navigate but for One Person

There are many things in life that bring negativity, and it is important that we seek out what these things are. For instance, we know that we are supposed to think positive thoughts in order to manifest positive things in our lives and we also know that if we think negatively, we manifest negativity.

Are you aware that when you think badly about others it reflects back on you? Not a single one of us is perfect, NO ONE! Remember this and you are not better than someone just because you have more money or you THINK you have a better life than someone else. Some people are perfectly happy doing what they are doing, and of course some are not. That is for them to decide though, NOT you, unless it is your child. We all have personal journeys in this experience called life, and you are not the pilots, or captains of anyone elses journey. You have your own lives to navigate, so maybe it is a good idea to do so.

It takes energy to talk down to people and it takes energy to be nice to them or think better thoughts about them, so why not be positive. Further, the more you think about how bad someone is, or how poor they are or what a low life someone is, the more you become all of those things you think about. I hold no one above me and no one below me; there is no such thing.

Please take the next 30 days to train yourselves to refrain from talking cra! about others and I know it will be hard for some and in the event that it is because you are one of those people who feels a need to judge everyone, remember that you should be navigating YOUR life and let others be.