Awakening Your Spirit Music: Consciousness Activation With Binaural Beats

15 May, 2016

Use Your Energy for Good: Change Negative into Positive

Here is an exercise to turn negative experiences into positive ones. Whether you think of your life experiences as lessons or what have you, we all have a different opinion. No matter, we all have experiences that we categorize as good and bad, or positive and negative. We apparently have experiences that we have to accept until we learn how to only attract positive experiences; until then we have to accept the negative ones as well. We do not have to call them negative though. We just have to change the meaning of our impressions of why the experiences are negative. What can we learn from a "negative" experience? First, we can learn that the experience may be a good experience for the other person or people in the experience. Then you may ask yourself, "Well, why do I have to experience the bad part?" You are experiencing the bad part because you are drawing negative experiences and outcomes to you. Apparently you are negative or more negative than positive. Like attracts like. While you are going through the process to change this, it will be wise for you to look at all of your experiences as positive. If someone cusses you out for no apparent reason, just think that they needed to vent and you were the person who may save someone else from punching them or maybe the venting will save the person's life. Maybe venting is all that person needs to feel like s/he can live a little longer.

If you lose your job, don't think of it as an attack on your life. It may not be because you are not good enough for the job. This may be an opportunity to knock on new doors or just maybe; someone else needs this job or they will become homeless with their children. Maybe that person has less reources than you do and will not be employed accept in your position. You don't want to be the bearer of negativity in the workplace by arguing about why you lost your job. Then the person you are yelling at becomes negative and this is felt in the universe. Bad vibes, my friend. Instead, be positive. You are already using energy so use it for good ~

14 May, 2016

Lose the Fear Factor

I just posted a short article on and referred people to this blog for a more in depth discussion about how your feelings or thoughts about love and fear determine your manifestation outcomes. Since there are only two real emotions; love and fear (N.D. Walsh, 2014) and we tend to focus on both, some more on one than the other, it is important to lose the fear factor when we want to manifest something. According to Walsh, when we desire a thing and we think about how much we want it, the ABSOLUTE thing we desire is supposed to manifest in time. This stands true when we think with love rather than fear. Now when we desire a thing and we think about it and we have thoughts of fear, we manifest that which we fear rather than that which we love. We have been brainwashed to the point that fear runs many of our lives today. Bob Proctor maintains that if we desire abundance in our lives, for example, say you desire money; however, you have always heard that money is dirty and you hear the term filthy rich, then you will have a fear of having money and you will not manifest money. Walsh states that your thoughts of fear overrides your thoughts of love. This must be changed.

If we lived on fear alone, we would have nothing. Life is miserable when we live in fear and we have nations in fear due to war and bankruptcy and the mention of declaring martial law. It is time to let go of the fear factor and focus all of our thoughts on love. Love is the way and I am not being mushy; I am telling it like it is. In Walsh's conversation with God, he states that fear constricts and love expands; therefore, it is imperative to lose the fear factor if we are to manifest what we truly desire.

I truly hope that you have been practicing the exercises below because they will help you get to know you and also bring serenity into your lives. Seriously; a few hours alone out there in the lock down of the elite's society is call for meditation or simple focus alone. They intend to keep you out from your inside so that you can have nothing but the paycheck that they give you. So, we do not have to add this as another exercise unless you want to. Time for self can be addicting because it is so perfect and natural. Instead; if you prefer, while dedicating time to yourselves, as I hope you are doing, you can take a few minutes to think about things you fear. You may have to write them down if there are many. Focus on why you fear this particular thing and overcome it. Some fears we can overcome quickly, maybe by accepting that they are fears and logically deducing that fear to nothing. There are larger fears that we must physically conquer and the sooner we do this, the sooner your thoughts will be thoughts of love rather than fear. This means that manifesting what you truly desire will be easy.

13 May, 2016

The Spirit can Live Alone

We must come to know ourselves. The funny thing is that most of us think we know who we are because of who others tell us we are. All we have to do is go inside. We MUST know and not guess who we are. We Must go inside for knowledge. The knowledge one gains in school is not spiritual knowledge; in fact, it deters us from the true knowledge that we need to spiritually evolve. It matters not whether or not you believe in God, G-d or what you may call a higher power, you still must evolve spiritually. In the case for those who do not believe and need proof; the way to find God if you have not, is by going inside. It is time to stop playing thinking games and trusting people who tell us what they feel like telling us. It is time to play knowing games! Humans can't live in body alone, nor can they live on intellect alone; however, spirit can live alone. What does that tell you? It is time to awaken people. The hints are not subtle; they are quite "in your face." "Simone says ~ Get with the Positive!"

It is time to win the Battle Between Good and Evil: Push the Positive into the Universe!

There is an abundance of chaos and absolute negativity being felt on Earth (which carries into the universe). Therefore; we must push an abundance times 10 out! You will hear me talking a lot about being positive and I hope you never tire of it, but the fact of the matter is that it over powers negativity and we must be positive in order to win this battle between good and evil NOW. Please, do not think for one moment that I am not serious because I have never been more serious about anything in my life. Whether you believe in God, G-d, Jesus, a higher power or what have you, you must believe that being positive will be felt throughout the universe and any type of higher power deserves this type of energy rather than continue to freely give our energy to evil. Remember to make viral the following "Simone says ~ Get with the Positive!" Love and peace ~ Simone

12 May, 2016

Get with the Positive...Will You?

There are so many things that can take us off our chosen path's course. Why do we let this happen? Maybe because many of us are not conscious of the brainwashing we endure on a daily basis from the day we are born. This brainwashing makes us forget who we are and is intended to do so. You must go within to fight these demons that are attacking us on a daily basis. Have faith in Him and also yourself because we are all part of him and He of us. As you breathe in the world around you, please exhale the total filth that is not needed. Get negativity out of your temple and spew only kindness and teach others to be a model of positivity. Get with the Positive!!!~Simone I see some of the strangest things going viral on the net...Let's make this viral... "Simone says ~ Get with the Positive!"

11 May, 2016

The Collective: Make it a Habit

Good morning, good afternoon and good evening to people all around this flat Earth. Let's not discuss the flat Earth on this post. Just know that if you ask questions, even to yourselves, you may question how we stand upright on a spinning ball. OK, enough of that. We have discussed here that we are one collective mind and that we must push positivity into the collective rather than being negative. I am sure that many or you are unaware that the more positve we are as a whole, the more many issues will heal for all of us. Each one of us has the power to make the collective more powerful by being positive. Let this be our simple practice today and make it a habit. Think about the collective and how all of us together can help to heal our home...Earth ~ I am grateful for each and every one of you~