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15 May, 2016

Use Your Energy for Good: Change Negative into Positive

Here is an exercise to turn negative experiences into positive ones. Whether you think of your life experiences as lessons or what have you, we all have a different opinion. No matter, we all have experiences that we categorize as good and bad, or positive and negative. We apparently have experiences that we have to accept until we learn how to only attract positive experiences; until then we have to accept the negative ones as well. We do not have to call them negative though. We just have to change the meaning of our impressions of why the experiences are negative. What can we learn from a "negative" experience? First, we can learn that the experience may be a good experience for the other person or people in the experience. Then you may ask yourself, "Well, why do I have to experience the bad part?" You are experiencing the bad part because you are drawing negative experiences and outcomes to you. Apparently you are negative or more negative than positive. Like attracts like. While you are going through the process to change this, it will be wise for you to look at all of your experiences as positive. If someone cusses you out for no apparent reason, just think that they needed to vent and you were the person who may save someone else from punching them or maybe the venting will save the person's life. Maybe venting is all that person needs to feel like s/he can live a little longer.

If you lose your job, don't think of it as an attack on your life. It may not be because you are not good enough for the job. This may be an opportunity to knock on new doors or just maybe; someone else needs this job or they will become homeless with their children. Maybe that person has less reources than you do and will not be employed accept in your position. You don't want to be the bearer of negativity in the workplace by arguing about why you lost your job. Then the person you are yelling at becomes negative and this is felt in the universe. Bad vibes, my friend. Instead, be positive. You are already using energy so use it for good ~

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