Awakening Your Spirit Music: Consciousness Activation With Binaural Beats

07 June, 2016

Be it; You Are!

I have discussed that we are energy. I have discussed that like attracts like. I have discussed that we need to raise our vibrations. This must make you think, unless you already know, that we are more than flesh and bones. This is undeniable! We are spiritual beings. We are energy and we can control matter. This may take time for some of you to absorb; but, that is okay. The world of dolphins is vibratory and this should make you wonder, if you do not already know that as above, so below, we are Earth, surrounded by water. If this is a concept you do not subscribe to, I am almost sure that most of you will in time. It is the blockage of that who we are that halts that which we can be. We were not meant to be just flesh and bone. Our flesh and bones are the vehicles that are our vessels in each of our incarnations. We are spiritual beings and need to live as such. Meaning that we need to look at life through the eyes of our spirit and not the eyes of a human. We are super beings living a human experience but we do not have to look through the eyes of the societies in which we live. We need to stand back and above and look at life as we are observers. This may be hard in the beginning so let us begin by practicing observance. Look at life everyday or for as long as you can each day as a divine being. You are not a slave to society. You are tired of rubbing your feet from a hard day's work and feeling you are getting nowhere as you fill the pockets of the elite. The exercise, then, everyday is to act and know that you are a divine being! Do not ever forget this. Think it, remember, see it, remember, feel it, remember, BE it! You are!

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