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16 June, 2016

What Else Can We Be?

Resistance, as always is a result of brainwashing or disbelief. Throughout history there have been leaders and followers; however, in a most unnatural way. Brainwashing is not true leadership and the brainwashed are followers because they know no other way. Do not let others define who you are because they are given power by people to do so. Define who you are because you are given this right by God, or what you may call a higher power, The Holy Spirit, I am, the source or what have you. To let others define you is against God's plan. If people tell you that you are wrong for reaching your source within, and they tell you that you worship satan and so forth, please tell them that they have been deceived and that they are following the God of this Earth, rather than the creator. You are supposed to know who you are. You are not simply flesh and bones. You are spirit. You are creators and let no one tell you different. If our source did not want us to create, we would not have the ability to do so. For the past week, I have been called names and told that I worship a demonic God. I worship the creator God and they actually worship a demonic God and this is known when you understand how the names were switched around in the bible so that they would be deceived into worshiping a fake and evil God. I never bring religion into this blog but I am appalled by the ignorance and do not want you to think that you worship evil (fear) just because you are learning who you really are. You are creators as am I as is God. We were created in HIS image, what else can we be?

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