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08 August, 2016

Laugh the Stress Away

I hope that you have been practicing the exercises that I have provided below. I have been posting less because I wanted to ensure you were practicing the exercises and making a habit of it. Too many new habits at once is confusing. I hope you are a little more grounded at this time. Here is a very simple exercise for you. As we well know, we are stressed about many things and many times on a daily basis. I want you to laugh it out. If you cannot laugh at your stress, please at least smile.This does not mean that you want to ignore all of the negative things that are happening, it means that you want to get rid of them but you have to have a better outlook on life. To fear stress is to make it a reality. To laugh at it is to say that shit happens but it is temporary and will go away. Have you noticed that when you give too much attention to a stressful situation that you remain stressed? How can you positively change negative situations with negative attitudes and solutions. You cannot. Like attract like, so as long as you sit in the negative, all you will receive will also be negative. Change your vibrations by using the simplest methods. It works if you work it!!!

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