Awakening Your Spirit Music: Consciousness Activation With Binaural Beats

07 April, 2017

Help for Focusing

Some people find it hard to focus. If you are finding it difficult to practice any of my exercises below, we can fix this. As I hope you remember, it is extremely important to be grateful. Gratitude is magnitude. You may have a problem being grateful, thinking of something to be grateful for on a daily basis, or simply forget to be grateful of at least one thing per day. If this is the case, simply post it on a mirror or anywhere you want. Maybe you want to post in your medicine cabinet or in your car. You can simply make a post it note and write gratitude on one so that you remember to find something to be grateful for. You may not like post it notes; therefore, you can make an attractive collage or sign. You want to post the reminder where you will be sure to see it everyday. If you choose to make a collage or something like one, you can simply choose words like life, breathing, health, family, love, abundance and so forth. A framed collage may be more attractive to you in comparison to unattractive post it notes. Many years ago (and I mean many), my sister taught me how to use wine corks to make a cork board. It came in handy and I was pleased with my work. It was not store bought because I created it. You may like this idea. Besides; it is important to become more reliant on yourselves, as this will give you more confidence in yourselves. Most important, you will show yourselves that you are creators. Being a creator is the number one reason I have this blog and other communities. You can cut the corks in half or use them whole. You will need glue and the corks will shape the board without you having to worry about wood. Those are enough clues. Be the creator of your boards the creators of your lives!!!