Awakening Your Spirit Music: Consciousness Activation With Binaural Beats

26 July, 2015


Some of us have favorite quotes and so do I. Mine is Cogito ergo sum which translates to I think; therefore, I am. Rene Descartes was the philosopher, scientist and mathmatician who declared I think; therefore, I am. Descartes attended college and studied logic, philosophy and mathematics and received a law degree in 1614 (O'Connor, 2008). I am is more philosphical than scientific and matematical in nature and surely more philosophical than law. Descartes left the books he studied behind and began to study the book of the world (O'Connor, 2008). For some of us not matter what we study or participate in, we cannot depart from the path which God has us assigned.

I, for instance am philospohical and have many interests. I have an associate's degree in business administration, a bachelor's degree in criminal justice, a master's degree in education and earning a doctorate in human behaviour. Nothing though, absolutely nothing comes close to my interest in philosophy with a passion for epistemology and metaphysics. While many of us go through life running from who we are really are and from what our purpose is in this life; some of us cannot. Call it luck, destiny, messenger or master; for some of us, our passions or those things we consider to be hobbies are actually life works/purposes. It seems we do not find out until we earn advanced degrees but this is Ok because there is a reason for learning what we do.

How wonderful that Desartes had knowledge of mathematics, science and logic to enhance his curiosity with reality. I think; therefore' I am was Descartes' first principle in philosophy. The reality that one doubts means that one exists. The I in I am has senses and feelings and is apart from the body (Descartes, 1644) and gives rise to realizing a separate existence. I then exists and I define this as I=E^A which means I equals exist above all because I am that I am. You have heard you are what you eat and you are what you wear and our parents have told us that if we do not love ourselves first, no one else will. This is all true because above all; we are what we think. We created our past, we created the present and we are now creating our futures. We are doing this now, with every single thought; we create our lives. I am not saying that we create our lives the way we actually want our lives to be, but we do indeed create our lives. Guess what, thoughts that are taught to us are not our natural thoughts so if we are taught to think and feel a certain way then our manifestations coincide with the thoughts that we have adopted from others, we create reality exactly as others want us to but not the way we want to. This is called brainwashing folks. Wake up! Welcome to your awakening!

25 July, 2015

This is YOUR Life

The time has come to live YOUR reality! Are you not tired of living the realities of others? I know I was. There is no stopping you from living the life of your dreams. Dreams are meant to be lived, so dream BIG! This is YOUR life so prove it! You are a creator so why not create? Why let others create for you? We live simulative lives created by other people and since we are creators who are not creating, we are not in harmony with the universe. We are not a part of the universe; we ARE the universe. If this is hard to conceive, trust me; you will get it in time. If you came to this blog from The Creators of Our Lives, awesome and thank you. If not, please visit here and welcome to your awakening for those of you who are newbies. I appreciate you ALL.