Awakening Your Spirit Music: Consciousness Activation With Binaural Beats

07 April, 2017

Help for Focusing

Some people find it hard to focus. If you are finding it difficult to practice any of my exercises below, we can fix this. As I hope you remember, it is extremely important to be grateful. Gratitude is magnitude. You may have a problem being grateful, thinking of something to be grateful for on a daily basis, or simply forget to be grateful of at least one thing per day. If this is the case, simply post it on a mirror or anywhere you want. Maybe you want to post in your medicine cabinet or in your car. You can simply make a post it note and write gratitude on one so that you remember to find something to be grateful for. You may not like post it notes; therefore, you can make an attractive collage or sign. You want to post the reminder where you will be sure to see it everyday. If you choose to make a collage or something like one, you can simply choose words like life, breathing, health, family, love, abundance and so forth. A framed collage may be more attractive to you in comparison to unattractive post it notes. Many years ago (and I mean many), my sister taught me how to use wine corks to make a cork board. It came in handy and I was pleased with my work. It was not store bought because I created it. You may like this idea. Besides; it is important to become more reliant on yourselves, as this will give you more confidence in yourselves. Most important, you will show yourselves that you are creators. Being a creator is the number one reason I have this blog and other communities. You can cut the corks in half or use them whole. You will need glue and the corks will shape the board without you having to worry about wood. Those are enough clues. Be the creator of your boards the creators of your lives!!!

24 March, 2017

Raise Your Vibrations Music

Things that Bring Negativity

There are many things in our lives that are or bring negativity. You do NOT have to be a part of it. Remember, you must keep your vibrations high or get them there. I have given you examples in the past. Hopefully you are practicing all of the exercises I have provided for you. For the past six months, I have been dealing with pure negativity. I mean dictatorship type of control that is enough to drive someone mad. I have been dealing with the madness of arguing which is negative and quite annoying and unprofessional with regard to business. This is not a venting moment. I do not vent in most of my spaces accept Facebook and maybe one other place. The information in this post is strictly an experience I am sharing for us to grow. This community is strictly for growth, as you well know. There were times that we would hold back the tears or vent at a later date. There were times that we felt degraded. Many times I was forced to change my "awesome" being. I am not willing to change my being or morals for anybody else! You should not either! I have the being who I am, the education I longed for and work experience as a leader because I earned it. To try to take away these learnings or morals is down right despicable. Another's insecurity and need to be in total charge is a no no and not your issue. It is an issue within themselves. True leaders and nice people long for growth within us all, not the Gestapo types though. One is always better off trying to change themselves. That is where real growth comes from. With that said; when you experience days like this either at work or in your personal lives, say "I am strength." Breathe and think about one thing that you are grateful for. You also may want to remind yourself why you are in the situation. Is it a job that you need? Are you volunteering? Is this a family member? Put it into perspective and move forward. Many times, it is simply the other person who needs to change how they treat others. You cannot stress about other people's need for growth. Although we are a universal mind with our energy coming from one great source, and we know if we grow individually it strengthens the whole; we must concentrate on ourselves until the others are not in denial and strive for change. Just breathe and say "I am Strength."

12 March, 2017

Choose To BE

Sometimes it takes proof that we have been brainwashed in order for us to awaken. Sometimes it takes an actual awakening (so beautiful and comforting). Other times; it takes a person, I hope I am that person. For years I have been preaching the need for positivity in our lives and the need for everyone to realize they are brainwashed. Due to this brainwashing, we are not living to our full potential. My book: Capitalism is the Mother of the Media, Hyper-Reality... While Ihave free websites for helping people grow, I also have e-books that are supposed to be a part of this training and they are very inexpensive. Please purchase them in order to get the full training you deserve. It is imperative to become active in changing. To read my posts is not enough. To practice my exercises once or twice is not enough. Take control of YOU and create a better YOU. It is; after all, all up to YOU. You are the creator of your life. You are here to navigate your journey and you can change the energy that you are simply by making it so. We all call from the same source of energy and I saw this energy in my awakening. You simply have to BE, or not to be. Choose TO BE. I think; therefore, I AM. BE I AM!

01 March, 2017

Your Wildest Dreams

Your wildest dreams are not so wild. We may have been told as children to stop daydreaming and to snap back into reality; however, our daydreams become reality. It is not our parents fault for taking what is natural to us. They were told the same by their parents. This all boils down to the elite brainwashing us for millennia! Dream away in your spare time when you are not giving all of your time to the systems resulting from capitalism. Dream big and become your dreams. You REALLY are what you THINK; but, more than this, you are what you believe!!! Therefor we must believe in our dreams so ensure they are positive and what you really desire. When grandma use to say, "Be careful of what you wish for," she knew what she was talking about.

23 February, 2017

I am Back after 6 Months

I apologize to those of you who tell me you practice my exercises. I moved at the end of August 2016 and was the last time I actually posted to all of my 30 websites.Glad to be back! I am assuming you are still practicing my exercises. I am also assuming that your gratitude has given you blessings in some form or another. Remember, "Gratitude = Magnitude." Thoughts and words are vibrations that travel. Vibrations go out and come back to us in likeness. I would love for you to begin to focus more on your thought patterns. If you are new here, please see all posts. Start with my first post until you make it here. You should not focus on thought patterns until you practice the other exercises, please and thank you. Please begin to look at who you are and how you think about yourself. Basically, take an inventory of who you are. Ask yourself what you are made of. That which you are unhappy with needs to take a backseat because that which you are pleased with is now the focus. If we do not like something about ourselves, or something in our lives, we must change it or rid of it. Focusing on it only brings more of it so only focus on the positive. Do this for at least 18 days to make it a habit. Do not stop after 18 days. Just make it your most important exercise for 18 days and continue to practice your other exercises. If you feel that theses exercises are time consuming, the reason is because most people are taught to spend their time on everything but themselves. This needs to change. You will notice that these exercises eventually become a part of who we are and become a lifestyle rather than exercises; so, there will eventually be no effort involved. All you are doing is slowly changing your practices and thoughts to benefit from them.