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24 March, 2017

Things that Bring Negativity

There are many things in our lives that are or bring negativity. You do NOT have to be a part of it. Remember, you must keep your vibrations high or get them there. I have given you examples in the past. Hopefully you are practicing all of the exercises I have provided for you. For the past six months, I have been dealing with pure negativity. I mean dictatorship type of control that is enough to drive someone mad. I have been dealing with the madness of arguing which is negative and quite annoying and unprofessional with regard to business. This is not a venting moment. I do not vent in most of my spaces accept Facebook and maybe one other place. The information in this post is strictly an experience I am sharing for us to grow. This community is strictly for growth, as you well know. There were times that we would hold back the tears or vent at a later date. There were times that we felt degraded. Many times I was forced to change my "awesome" being. I am not willing to change my being or morals for anybody else! You should not either! I have the being who I am, the education I longed for and work experience as a leader because I earned it. To try to take away these learnings or morals is down right despicable. Another's insecurity and need to be in total charge is a no no and not your issue. It is an issue within themselves. True leaders and nice people long for growth within us all, not the Gestapo types though. One is always better off trying to change themselves. That is where real growth comes from. With that said; when you experience days like this either at work or in your personal lives, say "I am strength." Breathe and think about one thing that you are grateful for. You also may want to remind yourself why you are in the situation. Is it a job that you need? Are you volunteering? Is this a family member? Put it into perspective and move forward. Many times, it is simply the other person who needs to change how they treat others. You cannot stress about other people's need for growth. Although we are a universal mind with our energy coming from one great source, and we know if we grow individually it strengthens the whole; we must concentrate on ourselves until the others are not in denial and strive for change. Just breathe and say "I am Strength."

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