Awakening Your Spirit Music: Consciousness Activation With Binaural Beats

12 March, 2017

Choose To BE

Sometimes it takes proof that we have been brainwashed in order for us to awaken. Sometimes it takes an actual awakening (so beautiful and comforting). Other times; it takes a person, I hope I am that person. For years I have been preaching the need for positivity in our lives and the need for everyone to realize they are brainwashed. Due to this brainwashing, we are not living to our full potential. My book: Capitalism is the Mother of the Media, Hyper-Reality... While Ihave free websites for helping people grow, I also have e-books that are supposed to be a part of this training and they are very inexpensive. Please purchase them in order to get the full training you deserve. It is imperative to become active in changing. To read my posts is not enough. To practice my exercises once or twice is not enough. Take control of YOU and create a better YOU. It is; after all, all up to YOU. You are the creator of your life. You are here to navigate your journey and you can change the energy that you are simply by making it so. We all call from the same source of energy and I saw this energy in my awakening. You simply have to BE, or not to be. Choose TO BE. I think; therefore, I AM. BE I AM!

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