Awakening Your Spirit Music: Consciousness Activation With Binaural Beats

20 August, 2015

The Happy Exercise

It is a good life, isn't it? The good thing about life is that even if we think life is bad, we are capable of grabbing fresh canvas and painting a new future. We are, after all; the creators of our lives and the outcomes we experience are direct results of what we paint. We truly are what we think and as like attracts like, we are much better off attracting experiences and things that we want and need rather than those that we do not. Do me a favor, please. As you see the word happy in your mind; see yourself happy and I mean see it and feel it. Experience every moment of your hapiness, see a smile and truly feel relieved because you are so extremely happy. It is a good idea to do this exerice each morning before or after you perform the I am grateful for exercise :) Don't happy!!!

18 August, 2015

Exercise to Raise Your Vibration

Raising your vibration is in all seriousness, a way to live a better life. You consciously know what you know because you were taught what you know. If you think there is nothing else out there that pertains to each and every one of us, you have chosen to live a limited life with limited thoughts. It would have been grand to learn about universal laws in public school and to practice with our classmates how to move objects with our energy, however; that was not the case. One is never too old to get with the program, so; let's get with the program, shall we?

We seem only to attach ourselves to planet Earth, however; we come from the greater scheme of things as Earth is a part of the universe, so are we. Everthing that exists is connected to the universe, so why would we not be? With that said, if you are not ready to believe such a concept, please believe that we ARE energy as is everything in the universe. In the grand scheme of things, everything is connected and comes from one source, hence; we are all counterparts of one.

The universe is energy as are we and the universe feels our vibrations whether positive or negative. We have a choice to be and give off eitheer so why not go with the positive swing of things? Raising your vibration leads to positivity, better health and a magnitude of other great things. Let's get with the higher frequencies within the universe by raising our vibrations. There's an abundance of ways to raise your vibration and they are discussed in my eBooks on I will not throw things at you without your comprehension in matters, so between the few websites, forums and blogs I have you visiting, you are going to do this all right, I promise.

Now, rather than throw a bunch of things in your face, we will begin with this one exercise. Make time in your day, everyday to make time for yourself even if it is only 15 minutes per day to start. Listen to your favorite song, exercise, talk with your higher power through meditation, well whatever it is that tickles your fancy. Please do this at least once per day for at least 15 minutes for now.

14 August, 2015

Raise Your Vibrations

When I discuss this universal stuff, many people seem to turn a blind eye. I know the people who actually click on my links read my content, (some do not click at all) but what is it that they are doing with this content after they read it? Apparently they are not responding to my blog posts because I do not see comments. Apparently they are not purchasing my eBooks, even though I made the prices so affordable ($1, $1.50 and $2.50) that I could starve as a writer. I am sitting here daily writing information that you absolutely need, and yet; you choose to ignore it and you will regret it in the end because our negative thoughts, attitudes and actions are poisonous to the earth and universe. Very few seem to care about the condition of our earth, yet it is home to all of us. It bares food and water and we give back nothing. We are destroying our home!!!

Do you drop trash around your home or leave banana peels on your couch? Do you not teach your children how to pick up after themselves in and around the house? Yes, I am certain that many of you do. Why then do you lack respect for your earth? I am absolutely disgusted and ashamed of the human race. Humans can be uncaring, cruel and selfish. I tell you it is a glitch. I would love to take my hand and touch each and every one of you and rearrange your damaged DNA. You care about the condition of the home you bought or rent, yet, you do not care about the condition of the greater home, the earth; the home that allows your paid for home to exist. You will be sorry when it is all over, you know; when the point of no return occurs...when it is too late.

Yesterday I posted an exercise that should be practiced before you fall asleep. I hope that you are practicing this exercise. It will change the vibration on earth to a more positive one. The planet, the universe in fact cannot sustain all of this negativity as it is extremely damaging to everything in and around you. Please stop for the sake of people in other countries who have shown us time and again that they want to remove western civilization from the face of the earth, for the sake of the planet which reacts to vibrations as does the universe. Have you ever thought that our negative vibration (collectively) cause catastrophe on the planet and then into the universe? No, you do not think unless you are thinking about your home that is paid for or the car you want, etc.

Humans truly believe many things that should not be considered as truth. Y2K? Really? Your killing me smalls, your killing me! You believe everything! You believe you are free and that you have choices and so forth. You do would know this if you begin to read my eBooks. This post asks that you change your vibrations because it is imperative. not ignore this after you read this because it shows time and again how selfish you are. It seems everyone would rather find a party, a cocktail etc. You will no longer have those luxuries when we are all dead because we refused to give back to the earth. Do you starve your children? Do you starve your animals? Why are you starving the earth and universe? You live on and in it for pete's sake. You are consumed by greed and are the most selfish beings. Stop being simple-minded and understand that the destiny of your evolution depends on all of you!!!

You must raise your vibrations and we can simply do this one step at a time. First please practice the exercise that I posted yesterday. Today's exercise which should also be practiced everyday until it becomes a habit is to wake up and think of or state something that you are grateful for. Please do this every morning. I do appreciate your time and please follow through with all of the exercises you are about to learn this year. Thank you. I appreciate you all!

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13 August, 2015

Before you Fall Asleep Exercise

Hi peeps. I have an exercise for you to do. Before you go to bed each night clear your mind of all of the negative thoughts that you have had throughout the day. Do not ponder on how Linda the receptionist poured coffee on your desk or how you hate your job and how someone almost hit your car in the intersection. Do not think about how you are unhappy about the experiences that you have in your life. If you must look back, please make sure it is to see how far you have come. Think very pleasant thoughts. We want this to become habitual, correct; I mean having positive thoughts all of the time. Well we have to begin somewhere.

When you climb onto your bed and when you are all tucked in and comfortable don't think, oh this feels great because my feet hurt and I am falling apart. I would rather you think I am comfortable and healing. Now, rather than re-invite all of the bad experiences of the day, create new experiences that you would like to happen. Maybe you are overjoyed because of the promotion at work, maybe you are able to take a well needed vacation. Maybe you received good news or a raise. How does it feel? It feels wonderful and you can feel how wonderful it feels and you feel relief. sweet dreams ;)

12 August, 2015

We are Energy, yet we only use 10% of our Brain's Power

We are energy...all of us. We can be nothing else. God is energy and is omnipresent and can be nothing else. Energy can change forms and so HE can. We are energy, can we change forms? Well, since we use only 10% of our brain's power and have to learn how to change reality which we should all be doing since birth, it is highly doubtful that we can change forms when many of us cannot change reality to that which we desire. I did that which we desire. We create reality all of the time, unfortunately; it is typically not the reality that we would choose to live. Imagine being happy for the rest of your lives, can you? Imagine being abundant and comfortable and in love. These are not things that we typically imagine are they? Instead, we use words to describe what we want and those words put our minds into thoughts that we are saying and we LOSE. For instance, we say I am not happy and I wish I can be happy. Well...saying I am not happy..right there, catch this now; that thought and comment created a future outcome. Therefore, you will not be happy. When you say I wish, you are creating nearly the same outcome accept the outcome will be that you continue to wish that you are happy. Make sense? Please read my books so that we can change your thoughts in order to change your reality. I also offer coaching services for those of you who want a mentor or coach. Feel free to email me at

09 August, 2015

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Thoughts Paint the Canvas

Thoughts should not be taken for granted! Thoughts create our lives; they paint the canvas and create outcomes so think positive thoughts. I could not be more serious. Does it take practice? Yes, for many, thinking positively all of the time must be practiced. I have a simple question for you. Do you want to have positive or negative experiences? Choose positive and you will mainifest positive experiences. Choose negative and you will experience negative experiences. It is that simple. I am in the process of writing the topic books for I Am the series. Do not miss out. One of the topics is thoughts and how to change them with exercises, videos and persistence. You will not be sorry, in fact; you will be extremely happy beings. You can thank me later...LOL :) Visit for updates. I appreciate you ~Gratitude is magnitude

08 August, 2015

Force Good into the Collective

I have to wonder what people think about the people who write blogs and articles that do not pertain to money and shopping. We follow our culture so perfectly. When you see a blog about business, this is normal. When you see an ad for items that are on sale, you rush to see the sale ads. The news shares such information as murder, the increase and decrease in crime and so forth. BUT...when people like me share information about reality you choose to ignore it. All of the ads you see and the murders you hear about and so forth are results of the aftermath of the creations of others and are requisite as a means to an end that manifests dume for the majority.

Do you want to see better outcomes? Become the creators of your lives, rather than let others create reality for you! With outcomes such as murder, missing children, slavery, sex trafficing, bad economies, social class and so forth it is time that you realize that the collective consciousness is missing positive input so let's get with it folks. Be as positive as you can be throughout everyday. You are you, so who makes the call? You do my friends; you decide the outcomes in your lives. Push the bad out of the collective by forcing good in. Simone

05 August, 2015

Clear Your Mind of Negativity

As it nears bedtime I clear my mind of all negativity such as thoughts of things that I did not like that happened today~ I hold on not to those thoughts of experiences that I do not want to see repeated but to those that I want to come my way~ To hold on to bad experiences is to keep them replaying in existence time and again to no end~ Until you change your thoughts to manifest the experiences that you want; these are the thoughts that you send~ You must send those out~ Out into the universe and to your life they will come back, no doubt. ~Simone

02 August, 2015

Living in the Closet

I wonder with everything in me how beings who come from the same source are so completely different with regard to who we are and our purpose in life. There has been discourse for millennia pertaining to creation and evolution, science VS religion and whether or not the bible was written by man. These questions should not be mysterious to us. Do you know where your ancestors came from? Do you know the traditions in your culture? Yes, yes you do and the reason is because the traditions that you keep and the culture that you practice are like hand me downs. You are born into and told why you do the things that you do. Why don't we know if we were created or if we evolved? Why do we have questions about religion and science and who actually wrote the bible? I will tell you why. We are clueless because others hold the secrets to the truth. At some time in history our ancestors were lied to and brainwashed. Look, if traditions are handed down for thousands of years, why would the most important facts about our lives such as creation, the bible, science and religion be a mystery to us? Would that information not be handed down as well, even moreso than the traditions that have been handed down? Something is wrong somewhere and apparently someone thinks it is time for us to know the TRUTH.

You must know that what we have been told is not truth and the lives that we live are not our own. What I mean is that there are people (cultural capitalists) who have created our realities for us and we go on day by day allowing this to happen. We do noting about it. We get up each day and follow the rules and are so busy doing what these others want us to do for them that we do not have time to think about US. That was the plan though and even though I do not like it, I have to say; they are doing a great job keeping us in the closet. Well, my friends; it is time to come out of the closet. It is time to awaken!

01 August, 2015

What is going on in your heads?

The current shape of the planet is causing strife in the universe. Chaos is thick and beings choose to ignore the bad health of themselves, the planet and the universe. We then; in essence, do not give a crap about anything. Well, that is not true; we care an awful lot about money and what we should have and what we ought to say. We want the fastest car, the bigger burger and those on top want more! The faster car is polluting the planet, the bigger burger is making us rotund and speaks heart attack. We have no real control over our lives and we MUST change this not only for a better future for our children, but to bring harmony back into the universe first so that our children will have a future.

We have been dumbed down so much that we cannot see what is going on around us.So you think that you watch the news and you know nearly everything about history and current events? You are wrong my firends; you are quite wrong. You know nothing of the reality that you play a part of. You do not have to of course, however; once dumbed down it is hard to see how we have been brainwashed and how westerners live a slave culture. Yes folks, we live in slave nations and we walk around clueless that we are slaves. PATHETIC!

I am selling eBooks on my websites and have posted them to approximately 12 social networks. I have about 150-200 more to post them to. So far I have not received even a small audience interested in purchasing the books. The current state of the nations, planets and universe are in need of major change and I explain this in my books, however; people are too busy farting around in the consumer matrix looking for the bigger and better everything as the bigger and better issues pass by your eyes. We are headed down a course of destruction, maybe extinction and yet all we care about is living up to the standards in the consumer up to standards in other people's realities. Do you see something wrong here folks? Stuck in the rabbit hole? Brainwashed to live other people's realities? It is time to awaken so WAKE UP and do it quickly!

Please do us all a favor and visit After you read the content please click on the Genesis of the Series and buy these very inexpensive eBooks and tell your family and friends to do the same. I am actually OFFENDED that people are not interested enough about, well...anything and are not reading the books that will bring harmony where it has been filled with chaos! Get with it peeps! Please~