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12 May, 2016

Get with the Positive...Will You?

There are so many things that can take us off our chosen path's course. Why do we let this happen? Maybe because many of us are not conscious of the brainwashing we endure on a daily basis from the day we are born. This brainwashing makes us forget who we are and is intended to do so. You must go within to fight these demons that are attacking us on a daily basis. Have faith in Him and also yourself because we are all part of him and He of us. As you breathe in the world around you, please exhale the total filth that is not needed. Get negativity out of your temple and spew only kindness and teach others to be a model of positivity. Get with the Positive!!!~Simone I see some of the strangest things going viral on the net...Let's make this viral... "Simone says ~ Get with the Positive!"

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