Awakening Your Spirit Music: Consciousness Activation With Binaural Beats

28 April, 2016

Your Spirit

Our world is going through tough times and there is a lot of negative energy out there and of course this effects the universe and throws it off balance. It is the duty of each and every one of us to heal our brothers and sisters, the Earth and the universe. We must begin with ourselves and we must look within ourselves for the answers. All of our answers come from our Universal Father and from within. He lives in all of our hearts and our spirits belong to one consciousness, so let's get on with it, shall we?

Give not your energy to the evil that dwells beneath and on the Earth. Being negative feeds evil and that is not our plan. Our plan is to banish evil by standing together, thinking only positive thoughts and doing things to help us survive as one collective mind. Push evil thoughts out of your mind. Do not be creatures of habit and let yourselves perish at the hands of a small percent of people who plan to destroy honesty, integrity and pure love. Unfortunately, many of you do not know this but when you are worshiping God , many of you are worshiping the so called god of this planet rather than our one True God of the universe, the Creator of all. You know there is a difference and you must know the difference and free yourselves from this bondage. Do you think that our creator wants us to forever live in bondage? Free your spirits from this bondage. When you meditate this morning, this afternoon or tonight, do say "I Am free form negative bondage, I Am." "I Am strength, I Am." "I Am spirit, I Am!" Please do not confuse this with soul.

Thank you and perfect love to ALL~ PS There are an abundance of videos on YouTube that are causing many to be confused and upset, such as the video below. Whether you agree with these videos or not, please do not become confused or afraid because the power within your spirit, not your EGO, but your SPIRIT is stronger than an army of men.

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