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15 April, 2016

Negitivity and Energy

Hello All. Today I would like to focus on negativity. Negativity is baggage and definitely something that you can release from by going inside of yourself. Most people live a life on the outside of themselves. Everything is about how you look to others and whether or not "who you are" is acceptable to your friends and family. This is unacceptable because who you are on the outside must not define who you really are. What happens when you are not in a place where others "THINK" or "WANT" you to be? You tend to take this personally because you are use to others defining who you are. This is the power that we give others which makes them stroger and us weaker. This makes sense, does it not? When you give a king power he becomes more powerful. This is your energy that you are giving up to others. Could you not use this energy for yourself? How much energy was given from others to Hitler? Everyone else's energy made Hitler a very powerful dictator! He could not have accomplished all of his abominable goals without the energy from the spirits of others. Evil needs energy to survive. You can survive without evil but evil cannot survive without you. Maybe we should be mindful that Satan needs our spirit energy in order to accomplish his goals here on Earth.

Feeling less about oneself because of the pressure you choose to receive from others is negative. These thoughts of inadequacy are like demons and demons can be exercised and one does not need a priest to exercise demons of this sort. One only needs to go inside of oneself and focus on who you really are. You are not your body as your body is your temporary vessel and if you have the misfortune of being reincarnated into Satan's playground again, you will have a new body. Your mind, or psyche (soul) is not what defines you. Your mind is influenced by society until you choose to influence it. This leaves your spirit, or your center, your God, your I AM or presence. This IS who you are. Your body dies as does the career path you choose to take in each life. Your spririt; however, this is eternal. This is you and will always be you no matter what. So what you want to do is live life as yourself and stop living through others. Know that you can live a more peaceful life if you use your body and mind when they are needed and live as your spirit. Your spirit is not only eternal but it is everywhere and not bound to this earth. The things that are bound to this Earth are our bodies, matter and Satan and as I do not want to be bound here with Satan, I like to get out of my mind and body. This is best achieved by meditating and also I live above or beyond my body and mind. Meaning that my true self is my spirit so that is where I must live and this makes me the witness of all that goes on around and in me.

Some people I know think that I am odd; however, this is their problem, not mine. My words for them is that if you don't know who you really are, you are odd. I do a lot of research in order to find like--minded people because I do think out of the realm of most people. I do find like-minded people and they confirm my truth. The other day on April 13th I came across a Youtube video of a man they call Mooji and can be found at as well as on Youtube. Moojii also confirmed my truths. So, understand I am different from most other people because I did not lose myself to brainwashing from the media and others in Satan's playground (Earth). I am not going to say that I am fully enlightened, but I do not need to be awakened. People, you are all half asleep and I would love for you to awaken to your beautiful perfect selves.

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