22 March, 2022

Conspiracy Theorist, Evil, Psychic or Simply a Powerful Being?

I am not on this blog as often as I would like to be. I tend to always have a lot on my plate. I created this blog quite a few years ago to discuss manifestation. I have shared exercises to raise your vibration as well as other exercises. The reason why I share the exercises is because in the 3rd dimension, it is nearly impossible to manifest instantly due to time and the fact that many people tend to endure fear which creates negative vibrations. Your vibration decides your manifestations which is dependent upon your belief system. In other words, if you have a low vibration, you will manifest that which matches that frequency. This is why you want to raise your vibration. That which you desire to bring into manifestation must match your frequency. This is why many people with low vibrations believe that the law of attraction does not work. It does work; however, many people manifest by default and think it doesn't work. The law of attraction works all of the time without fail. If you are manifesting by default rather than by intention, you will want to raise your vibration, learn creative visualization, focus and take a look at your beliefs. Your beliefs create your thought patterns, your emotions and therefor, your vibrations and reality.

In other words, you think you can manifest by thought alone but thought is only part of it. Without the desire, belief and a frequency that matches that which we desire to manifest, we manifest by default. We must become intentional manifestors. Set your intention and focus on the intention. It is extremely important to learn to focus rather than succomb to the purposeful distractions and fear created for humans in order to keep them in slumber.

We are super powerful beings living reality as it is given to us by beings who are able to easily manifest this horrific reality for us because we were indoctrinated at birth; yes, our belief systems were hijacked at birth as I have been saying for decades. The more we accept this forced reality, the more we acquiesse, the deeper down the rabbit hole each generation must go down. Those who choose to go down the rabbit hole and share what they discover are called crazy and conspiricy theorists. As you awaken, you will realize like many do that to those who create our reality, the definition of awakened is conspiracy theorist. They will not tell you that; rather, they insist that conspiracy theorists are those who speak out against a narrative that we are told. They cannot say we are calling the awakened conspiracy theorists because then the rest of you may awaken to this selfish mad game we call reality and then we will live in our power. This means that we will be able to manifest that which we desire and create our own realities, which is what we should be doing.

We are creators yet we live in a reality that was created by others. This reality began as a way to weaken our minds, bodies and power in order to keep humanity in slumber. Whenever it is clear that humanity is awakening to who they truly are, humanity suffers at the hands of those who have created reality for humanity. They say Jesus was crucified. Why? Why are you wearing a cross with a crucified rabbai around your necks? Do you think this honors him? What would honor him is to understand the words he told you and died for. He did not die for the sins of others, he died because he was enlightened. Why were witches hung and/or burned? They were enlightened and knew how to manipulate energy. There came a time where this was becoming more known and witches, the awakened and the enlightened were then call psychics; you know, the supernatural to hide the fact that this is natural to humans. You will notice the labels have become many. We are evil, witches, psychics, conspiracy theorists, etc. We are labeled everything other thann what we really are. We are spiritual beings having a human experience. In other words, one consciousness (God) knowing itself in many forms in order to see different perspectives. It is time you wake up to this reality.

24 January, 2022

Ways To Raise Your Vibration

It has been a while since last I wrote on this blog. These times are different and very difficult for some. The fear that we are seeing keeps society and OUR planet in lower vibrations. Humans are bickering, dividing and taking sides according to their political ideologies, who took the injection and who did not, pro-life or pro-choice, transgender and cisgender, etc.

It is very important in these times that we raise our vibrations. We need to raise the frequency on this planet and let humans wake up in their own time. Some will stay in slumber and some of these humans may be our family and friends. As mush as this may hurt, please continue to navigate your journey because we need your light to overcome the darkness.


1. Grab a spray bottle and fill it with water. Add to the water your favorite essential oils. I like to mix lavendar and peppermint. It not only smells good but scorpions do not like it. I spray this around the house a few times per week. I spray baskets, fake plants, curtains, tapestry, pillows, cushions and anything that has material on it.

2. Create projects that make your home more YOU. Yes, be creative. It will make you feel good about yourself and you will be able to see these things everyday.

3. Soak your feet in epsom salt. I use lavendar epsom salt. The smell is soothing, the warm water is relaxing and the fact that you are caring for yourself by making "you time" will raise your vibration.

4. Journaling can be effective for shadow work. Once you release lower vibrations from dusting those shadows you will raise you vibration. When you write, it helps you stay on point so it may be easier for you to move quickly through your shadow work.

5. Movement: Sing, dance do yoga or whatever it is that makes you happy.

6. Focus and meditation

7. Practice creative visualization and do it with passion

8. Astral project!

9. Get out in nature. It is who we are!!!

10. Find something to be grateful for everyday. You can't just say it. You will know you are grateful when you feel it in your heart and gut. It is a feeling of hapiness and satisfaction.

14 February, 2021

Darkness and Your Belief System

February 13, 2021

Darkness has been ruling this planet for millennia. They are part of the reason why manifestation is more difficult than you thought it might be. There are beings on this planet who must live in a low vibration. In order for them to survive, they must ensure their environment keeps a low vibration by keeping higher vibrational beings (such as humans) in constant fear and stress-mode. When humans live in fear they become stressed and the human body is no longer in harmony with their high vibrational inner beings and universe. This is when dis-ease becomes reality. Naturally these low vibrations are bad for our health (mental and physical) but they also get in the way of manifesting things that you really want.

Many times, people manifest what they don't want. How is this possible? Where your focus goes (grows), energy flows. In other words, what you think about will eventually become your reality. How do we change this? We have to realise that our belief systems were hijacked at birth. Once you realize this, you can demand it back by creating your own belief system, one that resonates with you. Your current belief system that was created by others most likely does not resonate with you so when you want to manifest something, your belief system is the master. Your thoughts come from your belief system.

Therefore; your thoughts resulting from your belief system will most likely be in opposition to what you want to manifest. Your thoughts may be on a lower vibration than what you want to manifest. You have to raise your vibration (frequency) in order to match the frequency of that which you desire. Therefore, it is important that you spend time alone in order to get to know yourself better. Who are you and which beliefs are yours and which come from media, the powers that be, etc.? This is a necessary step in raising your vibration. As they say, "Know thyself" and "To thine own self be true"

February 14, 2021

Let us use an example. We here many things growing up and those things come from our parents, other family members, school, the community and the media. The thing is that most of what is learned comes from the same source in order to keep the consciousness of humanity cohesive. How can the dark collective control a light collective whose thoughts create reality and are based on love? They can not.

So, they create scenarios to keep humanity in fear. This becomes our belief system; every fear, every lie and every label given to humans creates a belief system and the labels divide us. Divide and conquer. If you are taught that money is evil or dirty and that rich people are greedy it will be hard for you to manifest a large amount of money. Your belief that money is evil will be your dominant thought. This dominant thought is stronger than the thought you have about manifesting money and causes resistence. What you resist persists and gains momentum. This is where energy flows and you will now create what you do not want because your dominant thought of a lack of money gained momentum and brought you what you asked for, a lack of money.

This is how the law of attraction works. It changes for no one at any time. It is like free will, another universal law. They do not change so you must change your belief system if you want to manifest things that hold a higer vibration than the vibration you hold. When you tune into a radio station, you hear what is playing on a certain frequency You don't hear another radio station until you tune into that frequency. The same applies to the law of attraction.

If you carry a low vibration and you want one million dollars or a new house, car or what have you, you have to carry the same frequency as the thing you want to manifest. In other words, you have to raise your vibration. This means that you need to create a belief system that resonates with you.

18 November, 2020

It Does Not Pay to Be a Label

Welcome. It has been a few months. I chose to wrap myself in the political hellishness on this planet since the pandemic and because I transmute negative energy into positive energy, I am able to handle the constant bickering, side-taking, label worshipping madness. 

When we focus on such chaos, we become the chaos. It is important to be mindful of your position in situations where your energy becomes that of the situation. Where your focus goes, your energy grows.

You cannot unsee what you have seen but you can undo what you have done. In other words, once you realize you are a spiritual being and begin to live as one, the labels disappear. Man-made labels such as those found in religion, politics and race identity disappear for those of us that identified with this type of division. You see yourself now as one, not divided. You are on your way to enlightenment. You have stepped up from being that label and can now just be.

With regard to undoing what you have done, you can lower your vibration if you go back into the madness, if you participate in the chaos after leaving it behind. Lower vibrations are equal to sickness, dis-ease, unbalance, chaos and the experiences that are attracted to the frequency you are holding. Yes, the madness is around us, once we choose not to be part of it and then choose to dabble in it, we simply have to "Not Become It"

For the last 8 months I dove into the political nightmare to drop the truth bomb on Facebook and Twitter and the democrats argued with me and the republicans agreed with me. The process is energy draining so it is important to step back and reenergize from time to time. It does not pay to be a label. Just BE. 


22 July, 2020

Your Belief System?


I wrote this post as a draft in May of 2020. I must have had it as a draft because I wanted to add something; however, it has been two months, so I forgot why I left it as a draft :)

Today we are going to look at how misconceptions, media-brainwashing, changing words in books in order to confuse the masses, and a plethora of other things purposely designed to confuse the masses has created your belief system. The belief system created in the matrix in which we live was intentionally created in order for sheeple (people) to think they are something other than who they really are. Who are we? We are spiritual beings living a human experience. If everyone knew and accepted this, we would be much happier and experience a higher level of vibrations and peace.

I copied this from a website in order to show you how things are taken out of context. I responded to a conversation on Facebook the other day. Someone was asking about the creator and so forth. I was not sure if he was serious until I read the responses to his question. His responses to their responses showed me that he was trying to tell them without first telling them that there is no God or Jesus, etc. The responses from the people were what they called their beliefs. I also responded to people trying to explain how we are one consciousness and asked some of them to please stop teaching people that we have to go through Jesus to have a conversation with God because that is untrue and is unhealthy for humanity to think. I said many other things and some responded by saying, "These are my beliefs." I responded by saying, "No, they are not. You are sharing untrue information with other people that was told to you. You are not repeating your own beliefs. You are repeating what someone else wants you to believe and share." So, let us look at this quote that is written a little differently in each Bible. I am still wondering how many different versions we need!

Mark 11:24 quotes Jesus.

Mark 11:24, NIV: "Therefore I tell you, whatever you ask for in prayer, believe that you have received it, and it will be yours."

Mark 11:24, ESV: "Therefore I tell you, whatever you ask in prayer, believe that you have received it, and it will be yours."

Mark 11:24, KJV: "Therefore I say unto you, What things soever ye desire, when ye pray, believe that ye receive them, and ye shall have them."

Mark 11:24, NASB: "'Therefore I say to you, all things for which you pray and ask, believe that you have received them, and they will be granted you."

Mark 11:24, NLT: "I tell you, you can pray for anything, and if you believe that you've received it, it will be yours."

Mark 11:24, CSB: "Therefore I tell you, everything you pray and ask for--believe that you have received it and it will be yours."

This does not mean to sit and pray the way you do. Rather, this means that you make an intentional statement or thought and act as if you already have it. If you sit and pray and ask, you make it worse for more than one reason. When you ask God to bring you something or what have you, you sit and wait for that something to appear or happen. When you have an intentional thought with desire and the expectation of manifesting what you desire and the feeling and sight of it as "it is done," you now have or become that. It can be this second or may take some time. In asking though, you are too busy stating what you don't have and waiting for an answer so you stay in "perpetual don't haves." If you read what Jesus said for the first time without an outside influence telling you what it means, you would naturally understand that it means to state what you what (or think) with intention and see it as it has already happened and you will have it. Seriously, there is nothing about that statement to make anyone take it out of context. It is taught out of context.

13 July, 2020

New Challenge

Please share this challenge on as many social network platforms as possible. Share with your friends and your family. Thank you :)

Unplugging is Easier than you Think


I hope you have been doing the exercises on this blog that I provided during the past 5 years. They may seem small to some but they make a big difference in the way that you react to yourself. This is about you and the time you take to make yourself count in your day. When we don't have a grasp on self, we do not have a grasp on reality as we want it to be.

The fact is that before 2004 I studied and wrote about racism and supremacy. In my bachelor's program in 2004 until 2006 I studied and wrote about criminal justice; however, my individual focus was discrimination in the system. From 2006 to 2007 I studied for a master's degree in education with a concentration in curriculum and instruction and focused individually on how we learn as a society. From 2007 I was in a doctoral program for human and organizational development which I changed to advanced studies in human behaviour. I have been on sabbatical for the past 7 years. My focus from 2007 until the present time has been unplugging from the matrix, the effect that social conditioning has on us while in the matrix, hyper-reality, and how we lose ourselves as soon as we are born. At this same time, my writing became more spiritual in nature.

In 2007 I began discussing sewing social worlds and created a website with that same name. Then in about 2008 or 2009; since the foundation had been laid on sewing social worlds, I began to discuss manifestation. Although all of the college degrees really turned out to mean nothing to me in the end, the time I studied was beneficial for me to stay focused on one area at a time and write academically about how the matrix offers separation, discrimination, guidance away from self and the focus on hyper-reality. The matrix is in control if you let it and robs us of our natural selves and creates thought patterns that lessen the belief in ourselves or any reality outside of the one they write for us.

The most important part of manifesting anything is a belief that it will happen and further, a belief in yourself. I watch many videos and listen to and read many different approaches to the laws of attraction as well as the other laws of the universe which are essentially all mean the same. At first, many people presented law of attraction as simply having positive thoughts and this is certainly true. Then I heard people complaining that the LOA does not work. This is certainly untrue. Then others sharing how to manifest said that thoughts become things and this is certainly true. People were still trying to no avail. Then we hear that no matter what you put after I AM whether positive or negative becomes your reality and this; again, is certainly true. Then we heard about paradigm shifts which is something I was passionate about and wrote about in 2006 or 2007 for a few years.

A paradigm shift indeed is what we needed and still do. There must be millions of videos out there telling you small parts of the LOA and how to live and it does get quite confusing. I am not here to tell you what to do; rather, I am here to guide you. So when I say please don't pay someone for information without transformation, it is because I care. Paying for service and paying for transformative books certainly makes sense because you are able to experience transformation. Anything else is a chance you take on some of the misinformed statements being shared with you on the videos on social media. You really have to be tapped into your authentic self to know who is authentic and who is not. The problem is that with so many people telling you to go in different directions; if you are plugged into the matrix, it will be hard for you to decipher authentic from B.S.

Some say the LOA has become a movement. The LOA has always been. A better term is that we are headed for a new revolution. If we want to put a time on a movement, there have been other times in history that are better to credit. For instance, in the 1950s and 60s, there were waves of us who were not 100% infected by the matrix. We came whole and stayed whole (awakened).

Too many people have died because they shared the truth. Therefore, they died in vain because you are not hearing their messages. It is time to listen and wake up. It is not that hard to unplug from the matrix. Try to play another game, to write a new script, to create a new narrative and yes, paint a blank canvas with your reality!


12 October, 2019

Typical Belief System Part 1 (Oct. 2019) & Part II Dec. 2019)

There is a "Typical Belief System" among Western Civilizations

Welcome. If you noticed from posts from the past, I listen to and watch Eastern civilization's videos. Why? They never hid the truth from their people as did the elites in Western Civilization. Hiding who we really are and brainwashing us is a crime against humans. In fact, it is a crime against all consciousness because we are all one, one connected universe. Therefore; a crime against everything that exists.

For many years I have been posting about hyper-reality and brainwashing from the media and the effects they have on society. I researched, wrote about, and discussed nationalism and racism in 1984, hyper-reality, and the matrix / slave nation we are indoctrinated into at birth in 2006. The brainwashing in the matrix is to keep our belief system away from inner focus. 

I have been on sabbatical since 2013; taking a break from a doctoral program that I do not need. While on sabbatical; I chose to become a certified professional coach (CPC), a spiritual coach. This is more in line with who I am compared to a doctorate which is a credential that will inevitably tell me what I can and cannot discuss in my writings and complain about subjective research. I created the diagram below to briefly show you that your beliefs and reality belong to others.

We were indoctrinated into the matrix at birth as were our parents. If your parents chose to stay in the matrix; chances are, the brainwashing they endured was passed down to you and from you to your children. It really is time to break this cycle. First though, it is important for you to accept that you have been brainwashed. Many people throughout the years are in denial though. The diagram I created below briefly touches on our typical belief system. The reason why it is so easy for me to see what is going on is because I never did fit into the matrix. It is a horrible place where others have created a reality for us and it never worked for me. 

You are not supposed to be a puppet! If you read the beliefs in the diagram, you should see if you identify with any of them. There are only a few there. I can go on for hours, but I will not. I was never one for television (especially the news) or magazines or any type of media actually. I do love music but not on the radio because then I have to listen to bogus commercials that try to influence us to be this or be that and to buy the fastest car, biggest burger and best home. NOT FOR ME. I want the car and house of my dreams, not what was already created without my needs in mind.

We came here to create, not have our reality created for us. As long as you are plugged into the matrix, you are not the intentional creator of your life. You will continue to complain that the Law of Attraction (LOA) does not work; when, indeed it does. It is proven to us all day, everyday with each manifestation we create. Unfortunately, most of the manifestations that we create are unintentional and not what we want.

The reason is because we have a belief system that tells us who we are, tells us what we want and what to eat and how we should dress. We look in the mirror to see if we look the way we are "SUPPOSED TO LOOK." This is a crying shame, isn't it? I stopped looking at my body in the mirror a while back because it can show a reflection only of my outside world which had conditions attached to it. I wrote a post about this several months ago on this blog.

If you want to lose weight and try to manifest this goal; as long as you continue to look in the mirror to see if you are reaching your goal, you probably will not succeed. The reason is that there will be resistance. You cannot manifest that which you desire with resistance. Each time you look in the mirror and see yourself over-weight, you will continue to focus on the weight rather than the desired outcome and stay the same or gain more weight.

Exercise will not help you. All of the diets in the world will not help you. Your beliefs are the foundation of manifesting your desires. Your belief system is the core of life, your thoughts. Thoughts become your reality so your beliefs must be indicative to your desires. Instead, most focus on the lack of what they want to manifest and this is not natural. This focus on lack is attached to a belief system handed down from so-called leaders and media and marketing experts where everything you believe and think come from outside of yourself.

This is the goal. The goal to keep you away from your true selves. It is everywhere around us. Can you not see it? Can't you feel it? It is all the jibber-jabber that you hear in classrooms, on the television, radio, magazines and religious institutions. Here is a good one. In order to keep you from going inside to remember who you really are, you are told by religious leaders that you have to talk to someone outside of yourself to talk with G-d (God, Source, Higher Power). This is very opposite of the truth.

The truth is that you have to go through you. You are an extension of source as we all are so there is no need to go through anyone. Another crime against humanity and yet, the lies continue to come. This is also a crime against God, you see. As we are extensions of God, we are perfectly capable of going within our physical to reach our non-physical. As religions tell you to look outside of yourself, you are putting that person outside of yourself as larger than yourself, the extension of source. Why would I go through someone else to talk with myself?

More on this later. This post will be extended at a later date and the continuation will be dated separately from today's date. Thank you! GET UNPLUGGED!

29, December 2020


Here are some beliefs I see all of the time.

~ [If] you exercise regularly you will lose weight (conditional). The truth is that you can exercise your heart's content and as long as you focus on the weight you haven't lost, you may lose a little weight, stay the same or gain more weight. Funny thing...the law of attraction gives you exactly what you ask for. You attract what you focus on. Energy grows where your focus goes ~ Energy grows where attention flows! 

~ [If] you diet, you will lose weight (conditional). The same rule applies as above. Focus on the weight you have and you will attract more of it.

~ [If] you work hard you will be able to afford the things you want (conditional). This is a great way to make you believe (belief system) that you cannot have the house or car of your dreams without first busting butt. This is not true. Question...why do you want to bust your butt to buy a home that will take you 30 years to pay off? You may be 50, 60 or even 70 when you finally pay off the mortgage. You are supposed to enjoy life at all ages, not just when you are kids and right before you die. This is the belief system here in the United States, correct? You turn 16, a big celebration, you turn 18 and suddenly you are able to move out of your parent's house whether or not you are responsible and then off to work. We know how the drinking age changed from 18 to 21 because many kids are not mature at 18. At 21 you are legally allowed to drink. You bust butt for all of the middle years and then, and only then, are you eligible for social security. Now is the time (in retirement) to have fun and to see what you have never seen before. BOGUS! 

~ [If] you communicate with Jesus 1st, you will be able to communicate with God (a lie & conditional). You are not a body with a soul. You are a soul with a body. Very easy concept to understand, even though you were taught to believe the opposite. You are an extension of source (God, higher-self, etc.). All you have to do is go within and all of your answers are there. This is how Jesus lived. He knew he was an extension of source, he knew he was spirit in a human body and he lived through spirit rather than ego. He lived through higher consciousness and some people call this Christ consciousness. Buddha, the Tao, psychics, and witches all shared this information. They were tortured, burned, hung and nailed for sharing the truth. Basically, if you live like them, through your higher selves rather than ego, you can live like them. Magic is not assigned to a portion of the population, we all have the same abilities. Go inside and communicate with God.

~ You should identify as a biological race (there are none biologically, it is a social construct) There is more variation in human populations that live together than there are between the so-called races around the world. I typically identify as human and have for as long as I can remember. That is who I am. I would identify as consciousness; however, I choose to live :) Separating the HUMAN Race into sub-races has caused nothing but superiority, social class and war. The truth is that climate changes skin color and features. This is how we protect ourselves against harsh environmental conditions. We are one because we come from one source and we are extremely high vibrational and powerful. We are natural creators who can easily bring our desires into manifestation. Many of us don't because the beliefs we have become our constant thoughts turning into words and actions and then manifestations. If you are separated by race, you are separated from the whole. You are told to believe certain things as a whole as in society and yet when there are consequences for your actions that come from the beliefs that were shoveled down your throats, you are independently responsible for them depending on your race. This will not end as long as the rest of you continue to identify as a separate race rather than refusing to. I say the rest of you because there are many of us who choose spirituality over institutionalization. This means that we live reality while others live one created for them in the matrix. 

[If] you want answers to some of the most important questions we have as a species (human), you must conduct objective research rather than subjective research (a lie and conditional).  Without a doubt, the United States and, well, all of western civilization has been ruled by white anglo-saxon protestants who still speak to us from their graves. (This is not me being racist because when I am asked what I am I either say human, American or when someone has to have a more definitive answer, I am white). Telling us to use the scientific method and only other forms of objective research can provide us only with some answers. Today, science is finally catching up with consciousness and who we really are, energy. I would love to believe that they are finally catching up; however, everything real has been hidden from us and replaced with B.S. Finally, there are too many of us out here sharing the truth that the truth has to come about. 

I can go on; however, I am finished for this sesh. Have a happy and healthy new year. Be good to yourselves and treat others as you would have others treat you. 

06 September, 2019

You See, Manifestation Does Work

It has been almost 5 years since I started writing this blog regarding manifestation (Jan. 2015), before that created Creators of Our Lives dot com to share that we are the creators of our reality (2012). I created Sewing Social worlds which focused on social justice, hyper-reality and the matrix we should unplug from (2007), and before that, the focus was on racism and supremacy. There were many more and with those when I learned about facebook pages and groups, I created one for each website that I created.

Since then, last year in February or March of 2018, I lost all of my websites along with a home and a few vehicles. I only gained the websites back a few months ago (as I am getting back on track) and I am starting all over with them. I do have articles in a backup file that I have not had a chance to look through as I have been extremely busy with an event I am holding (Kindred Souls Festival ~ The Human Experience). My point here is that I have many interests that focus on healing ourselves and Earth. Regarding this blog, I have posted exercises for you to practice in order to begin focusing on yourselves. Other posts discuss raising your vibration.

I am aware that many people believe that the law of attraction does not work and that they cannot manifest that which they desire. This is not the case though. I have heard on other social network platforms that this blog helps people and I am taking a guess that for others, they feel like the exercises are a waste of time because they are looking for instant gratification with regard to manifesting. If you are on an all-time high vibrationally, sure, manifestation does not take as long as it does for others. For many people, dealing with the day to day stress of waking up and getting ready for work and school, traveling to those places, spending 6 to 12 hours per day in those places and then traveling back home, they have forgotten who they are. They are rapped in the matrix where the media prescribes their beauty and everything in the reality created for them by the matrix.

Many humans know not what it is to create their own reality. It is necessary for some of us to show others that they do not dedicate time in their day for "me-time." Without spending time with yourself and spending all of your time in the matrix, pretty much makes one a robot and a slave to the matrix. It is hard to remain positive all of the time when you are consistently doing things for others. You may feel good bringing home that paycheck that many times is not enough to pay for anything you want after all of the bills are paid; however, this is something you bust your butt for in order to keep a roof over your head. What are you doing to make yourself feel better? What are you doing to manifest that which you desire? You are manifesting a paycheck and those you work for are manifesting their dreams on your hard work. You see, manifestation does work. You just have to do it intentionally in order to manifest your intentional goals rather than manifest for others or manifest that which you lack from that which you desire. More on this in the next post.

05 September, 2019

Introducing SPJRIT DOT COM



For almost 5 years, this blog has had visitors and I never pushed to leave comments because I wanted people to practice the exercises I posted and not have to worry about commenting. It has been more about practice. From now on, I will periodically add spiritual partners and friends in order for you to expand your horizons. I start here with SPJRIT DOT COM as we both have blogs and live as our authentic selves. The journey in life may seem difficult; however, our experiences along the journey all lead to the same direction. That is becoming closer to being our authentic selves. 

In the near future, I intend to interview Benjamin (SPJRIT) and I will post that interview here.

05 July, 2019

Fit Self-Mindfulness into Your Schedule

Magic, living through our higher selves, living as energy and through vibrations is certainly not a new concept. It was hidden to Western civilization to the point where witches were burned at the stake. Anything magical belonged in movies.
Other civilizations were and still are very open about who we really are. We have natural born gifts and if not practiced, they are forgotten about to the point where we do not know that we possess them.
I have shared exercises on this blog for the past few years and as more and more people are finally in public discussing our gifts including the law of attraction, you will hear different exercises from different people. I watched a video last week and heard the narrator say that it is not necessary to use post it notes and boards in order to raise your vibration to intentionally manifest. Do not listen to that because although we are all capable of manifesting, we are in different places in our lives due to programming and our different schedules.
Some of us may be too busy during the week with work and then family on the weekend. If this is the case and you do not have time to meditate at this point or to be mindful of your thoughts, thought patterns, words, feelings, emotions and actions, you will need a reminder. You see, after reading these notes and/or boards for a certain amount of time, due to being reminded each day, you will form new habits. The first habit being mindful of yourself.
This is the problem, we chase everything everyday; however, we do not chase ourselves. If we do not have time to pencil ourselves into a schedule, we will continue the same patterns without being mindful of self. You may write on a post it "I Am worthy," and you will not feel worthy the first time you look at it because you are not focusing on how it feels to be worthy. You may be brushing your teeth instead while reading the post it but eventually you will be in the habit of saying you are worthy. That is one step in the process and it is like like multi-tasking which has become so popular. You can brush your teeth while creating a habit if that works for your schedule.
Now, you have that out of the way, when you have a few minutes, maybe before you fall asleep, you can actually focus on what it feels like to be worthy. This is a process so it is best to do what accommodates your schedule (unfortunately) so that you do not give up. When you give up on yourself because you cannot meet your goals, you lose credibility within yourself. When you do not trust yourself, you don't trust that you can manifest your desires. So please do not give up on post it notes if you have a busy schedule or if you are forgetful. If you feel you are not manifesting intentionally, then do what works for you.
As are we so you must do you!

08 June, 2019

Let them Go and Live Your Best Life

Welcome, One of the best gifts you can give yourself is to let the people in your life who don't deserve your time go. Just let them go. As much as it hurts (and sometimes it does not), let them go. If you have given countless amounts of hours helping people and they do not help you, if you have put yourself in a position to help people from your heart space, even if it did not sit right with you and they deny you helped them, don't see your time as valuable, expect you to suffer on account of them, let them go. Let go of that which no longer serves you. You are not here to serve anyone who does not appreciate what you do. Some of us learn the hard way and it is difficult enough letting friends go, but family is different.

I have been a carpet for my children to walk over and in fact, I have been their toilet. I was warned for years from many people who said let them go. They are disrespectful and all they do is use you. No one wants to accept that; I did not want to believe that until one of my daughters showed her true colors time and again to the point of verbally and mentally abusing me. I cut her off in January of 2017 and again last year and for the sake of another daughter, I chose to be cordial as she asked so we can all see each other as a family. This was a small percentage of the reason I tried to stay cordial. I, unfortunately, have no forgiveness in my heart for this reckless being but my youngest daughter asked me to be nice to her until we gather our belongings that are on her property. Also, my granddaughter lived with us for 8 years, and for most of those 8 years, I raised her so they were raised as sisters and she does not want to lose that relationship.

This reckless being cussed me out in text a couple of weeks ago and called me a piece of sh!! mother and other things and said it was because of something that was said about her from my mouth that embarrassed her. To date, she always tells her business and actually let this information out to someone herself and rather than ask me, she cussed me out and told me to never contact her and her kids. As if I wanted to after that. The bottom line is that I had a phone conversation with someone we both know, the woman knew everything about this reckless being and I was shocked. She also mentioned things about the reckless person's friend that I responded to. My eldest, in being nosy and listening in on the phone call (only heard me speaking, not the other person) had the nerve to put only my words together as the whole story and assumed I was saying things about my reckless daughter (her sister) when in fact I was talking about someone else.

You will hardly ever hear a negative personal story on this blog, as you can check back for years, they are always positive. This is being posted because these are my children who are full of assumptions and treat their mom like trash. The lesson here; none of us deserve to be treated like trash at all, but especially when we have taken years of our lives to help others. We are NOT responsible for the lives of others and should not be expected to do anything for them unless they are our minor children and our parents. Those you bring into the world and those who brought you into the world. If they abuse you and your time, let them go.

You are here on your own journey and they have their own to navigate. If they stop you from following your path, they are not worth having in your life. Drama and chaos are negative and bring down your vibrations. In order to manifest anything good in your life, you need to raise your vibrations. Leave the users and emotional / energy vampires behind. If I have helped people to the point of losing everything and they don't care, admit it and/or help...they just move on and then start arguments as not to admit what they have done...I had to let it go. People who use you need you for something. You are not here to be used. It is always the one using calling another a user, it is always a piece of sh!! mother calling another a Piece of sh!! mother. It is always a liar calling someone else a liar. It is called reflection...tell them to look in the mirror!

I have posted this before about letting go in previous posts. Let go of the baggage. The good news for my youngest daughter and I is that the one person who typically helps us out of the selfish daughter mess is now showering us with hope and gifts and that is simply because these people who I let destroy us, who put themselves ahead of our loss again are no longer in our lives. One likes to feel that if they are helping us time and again (because my heart is too big to say no) that there will be no more destruction, abuse, and disrespect and maybe fix what you did before gaining more for yourselves.

I know there are people reading this going through similar situations (I have spoken to some of you) and it is a disgusting reality; however, we can change that reality by being tough enough to let it go. Just let it go. Don't wait for someone to give you an intervention when it is them who need one, don't wait for people to call you names that they mean to call themselves but it feels better to call someone else those names. Deal with your life and let them deal with theirs. You have helped beyond your limits and it affects other people in your life. Trust me, the other people who have to deal with you going out of your way to help others and watch you get crapped on, they throw in the towel before you realize you have been used and abused. Simply, let go. NAMASTE

20 March, 2019

Where His / Her Shoes and Let it Go


I realize that there are things that people do that make us think. Why does he do that? Why did she say that? Becoming annoyed at things that people do and holding resentment is not good for you. "Becoming" we automatically come to BE. We are coming into the being of annoyance. Therefore, we hold a vibration of annoyance. People do things for their own reasons and we don't have to understand why. If you know people who do things that annoy you; indeed, you may ask them why they do those annoying things in a kind way and without starting an argument. For people you don't know; simply put yourself in their shoes.

Why put yourself in their shoes? Let me give you an example. I am very analytical in nature and highly aware of what goes on around me. Those characteristics make for a person who many times does not understand the "stupidity of..." Rather than becoming annoyed at people who cut me off almost causing accidents I put myself in their shoes. When people drive 10 mph when everyone else is doing the speed limit of 35 or 45 and they look at me in the mirror to see my reaction, I put myself in their shoes. I ask why I would do something like that. After you do that a few times, you stop asking why you would do something like that and suddenly you start thinking maybe he did that because...

For the people who cut me off like their lives are in danger I say, "Why would I do something like that?" I wouldn't so I come up with maybe he is in a hurry because he is impatient. Maybe there is an emergency. I cannot change his tolerance level by becoming annoyed at him, right? If he has an emergency, I hope it is not life-threatening. Further, we cannot immediately change what people are doing on the road so we must simply be aware of what is going on and let people do what they do.
For the people who drive 10 in a 45 and look for a response in the mirror; well, it seems they have nothing better to do. I have been in conversations in my head trying to justify why people do that. It is better than becoming annoyed and causing an accident or an argument. I think, maybe she doesn't have control in her life and she is showing she has control on the road. Maybe she just wants attention. Maybe she gets off on annoying people. I cannot change any of these things; however, I have an understanding that this person for some reason needs attention. Her hazards are not on, so I can assume she is just acting out. I don't zoom ahead of her. I patiently wait until the lane I will move into is clear and safely move into the next lane. Then as I am looking for the slow lady to be behind me so I can go back into the lane I was originally in, the 10 mph lady speeds up so I can't get in the lane. At this point, I laugh and send good vibes to the miserable person.

Things are going to happen no matter what. The important thing to do is to react in a positive manner for positive outcomes. There is NO better outcome than a positive one.

26 February, 2019

Live in the Now / Moment


Many times we have so much on our minds that we do not live in the moment, which is why we miss so much beauty in life. There are times that I am driving or just sitting around in front of the computer with so many thoughts that I am multitasking or overthinking. This is common for me but it is not healthy and I have to take a breath and say "In the moment, in the moment." At that point, I empty my mind and say none of this matters now. I am then able to see beauty and appreciate it.
Since excitement/joy raises our vibrations and brings us closer to our higher selves, it is important to live in the moment and see the beauty in things that excite us and give us joy. Or to have a clear mind to think of things that bring us joy. Excitement carries a very high vibration. It is felt and shared with the universe. Remember, you want to match the frequencies to those things that you desire. Therefore; it is beneficial to all of us to live in the frequency of excitement as much as we can. Until this becomes a habit, purposely clear your mind at least 3 times per day and look for the beauty in the moment.

16 February, 2019

Analyze Your Thoughts


Many of our thoughts do not serve us. This is because many of our thoughts are negative. They may not seem negative while we are thinking; however, if you put yourself down without realizing you are doing so, you will realize it when you experience the negative outcome. When you create a goal and notice you are close but haven't reached it in your timing and give up, you have created the reason why you did not reach the goal. When you make a promise you cannot keep because you didn't put enough thought into the reality of the outcome, you again, created a negative outcome.

Thinking back at a time a short time ago when I had a gig and was thinking about what I should wear and thinking, I won't fit in, I can tell you now that that was a thought that made me step back from myself and question why I thought that. There is no fitting in. I asked myself why I was thinking what I was thinking and self said "I want to be accepted." Then I thought, how terrible a thought. I have been preaching for years how we should disconnect and be more aware of the media's prescriptions for beauty, which is garbage. All I have to focus on is talent, honor, dignity, integrity and morality. In the 80's I did not have another female DJ to make a fashion statement as to how female DJs dressed and acted. I was that statement, because it was just me. It was't until the 90s that I heard about another female DJ and she was in California. I would not have changed a thing anyway. I never dressed totally like a female or a male. I am certainly not going to let the many half-naked female DJs make a fashion statement for me today. I listen to you for your particular talent, not your clothes. So, it is important to catch and analyze the thoughts that will wind up creating a negative outcome.

Nip it in the bud. Negative thoughts grow and give birth to negative outcomes. Simply take that thought and question why you feel that way. As you become aware of your thought patterns and change them, it becomes a habit to think different thought and you will find yourselves analyzing your thought less.

14 February, 2019

Ridding of Toxic People


I mentioned decluttering in the last post. It is just as important to rid of people who do not serve you as it is to rid of belongings. So now we will discuss getting toxic people out of our lives. As I mentioned once in a post, I do not like talking about my personal life here when it comes to negativity; however, if we do not own our negative experiences and work through them, we cannot release them to make room for positive experiences. Staying in a negative state does not raise our vibration.

So, Until the other day, I had a person in my life who has extreme mood swings. We last saw each other in 1996, no, 1997 when my mom passed away. I found her on Facebook in 2012. For the last seven years I have dealt with verbal abuse (on and off). If she didn't get her way, I was insulted about the home I lived in while she was renting a room from a friend. I was called so many names. I was told that I should get rid of people in my life that she didn't think were good for me. I said, you are not necessarily good for me, how about I put you on the list of toxic people. I said you are no better than anyone. No one is better than another. She said, "That is B.S. I know I am better than other people.

I swore that the times we argued would be the last time we spoke because I should not have to be abused mentally. She is a cruel person without a filter. Especially after a night a few years ago when she was bad mouthing my ex and other things while I was driving to the point where her foul mouth and negativity got to me so bad that I wanted to vomit. I had to kick her out of my car. I am incapable of feeling such negativity because as am empath, I feel all of it and have to release it or I get sick. Lowering my vibration is draining. We talked on and off again after that.

About 2 days ago, we were texting as usual because talking is too much if something negative comes out. True, I enjoy texting because I can multi-task while texting but I preferred texting this person as not to hear snideness, manipulation and that better then though voice. After she did not like an answer to a question she asked, she started with the insults; however, they did not bother me like they use to. The insults just sort of bounced off of me because after going through some bad experiences with my daughter for over a year, I isolated and did some shadow work which helped me to work through, rethink and rid of those negative experiences. Now I have room for more experiences and better experiences because I am recharged and on a higher frequency.

Trust me, letting go of the past and of negative baggage, guilt and fear (dealing with karma) raises your vibration automatically. This is why you hear people say that the weight has been lifted after they resolve something. Everything must come full circle. Anyway, we are no longer friends on Facebook and we are no longer texting. We have known each other for 28 years and although it would be nice to have a positive ongoing friendship; realistically, it cannot happen when a person is negative, is in denial, is mentally abusive and holds herself on a pedestal. Toxicity has to be removed from our lives in order to vibrate higher and bring that which we desire into manifestation.

12 February, 2019



Take a day or separate this exercise into different times according to the time you have free. Please make sure that if you choose to do this in a day that you keep your word to yourself and complete the task in one day. You may want to think about it first and decide the best timing. Remember, word is bond and if we do not keep our word to ourselves and others, we show a lack of integrity and we do not trust ourselves, so how then can we use our thoughts and words to manifest that which we desire if we do not believe our words.

Clean out your house. Go through closets and that miscellaneous box that you have had for over a decade. If there are things that you do not want, need or have not used in years, why keep it. Keep it simple. Clutter is confusing and I have found that when we put things away, we become accountable for these things and they take up space in our minds and for no good reason. We are not using them. Everything must come full circle, complete. So when we hold on to a box and say, I will get back to it, we are still holding on. We need to clear clutter, clear negativity and that which no longer serves us. This includes certain people who are negative which I will discuss in my next blog post.

We want to make room for things that we desire, so if we are filled with clutter and have unresolved issues, there is no room for the better things that we want to have.

11 February, 2019

Always Do Your Best

Welcome, In doing the exercises I post here, i hope that you do not become discouraged. I know that many of us do for many things in life. I remember when I first stopped smoking, well as I was cutting down before I stopped in 2007, I was doing well but because I was still smoking (cutting down daily) I was discouraged. I was doing a good job and eventually stopped smoking and I didn't always see that. For years, I kicked a habit at least once per year. One year I stopped drinking caffeine about 15 or 16 years ago and drank decaf soda and tea. The next year I chose to stop drinking soda so maybe once or twice per year I may have a few sips. Something new each year. Tonight, I had a question about something that I did, and my fortune said always do your best. That answered my question.

We can't kick ourselves in our butts when we are doing our best because our best is all that we can do. All things come in time if we genuinely want them. Please do not put yourselves down. The best we can do is our best and that is authentic. We want to be our authentic selves and our authentic selves strive for the best WE can do. Not the best according to others. Practice loving yourselves and realize that we all have things to learn and that there are things we want to change about ourselves and our best gets us there.

When raising your vibrations, there will be days that you feel like you are having a bad day and that your vibrations are low. We all have days that we do not love and that is because we have not been taught to love them. There are experiences that we do not like but we can learn from them which makes us reach our better selves. Once we know how to deal with situations, we know better what to do next time. The same thing applies to shadow work. if you are working on raising your vibrations by facing your fears and working through and letting go of past "bad" experiences, then you are raising your vibration. This all takes time.

08 February, 2019

Word is Bond Part One

Welcome, It is important to keep your word, to yourself as well as others. For those of us running around saying my word is my bond, great! Do you keep your word to yourself though? How can we manifest without faith / belief. If you tell yourself you are going to do something, let's say for yourself, and you do not keep your word, you are acting in opposition to what you said you are going to do. Once this becomes a habit, you may not know it, but you cannot trust your words. How then can you manifest that which you desire?

This exercise is for learning to trust your words. This is part one. Watch yourself for a few days by paying attention to things that you say you are going to do. Generally, when we say that we are going to do something, we have an image in our heads of that thing we are going to do, and many times we imagine it from start to finish. This is very normal and healthy. This is what sets our thoughts, words and emotions into action. If, we do not follow through, we broke our word to self. We must trust our words in order to manifest positive things. So, tune into your thoughts for the next few days and notice when you tell someone or tell yourself that you are going to do something and see if you keep your word. What is it you are thinking when you failed to keep your word? Do you make excuses to yourself and others as to why you are not going to do what you committed to? Did you forget? Simply tune in and see what you learn.

04 February, 2019

The Real Bad Words

Welcome, Bad words were created to make us think that all of the other words we use are Good words. Do you like the way that panned out? Many cuss words have their origins in the Germanic language. Shit meant obnoxious person so how is it a "Bad Word?" If we are taught there are words that we should avoid because they are disrespectful, then they have found yet another way for us to be fooled.

The real "Bad Words" are actually words that are hateful toward others and ourselves. Saying I am stupid, I am fat, I am ugly and saying things to insult others are bad words because those words come from thoughts that create our reality. Rather than teach our children what bad words really are, we take the focus off of teaching them the way they should talk in order to manifest that which they desire and put the focus on bogus words instead. This matrix of B.S. that many humans are a part of is simply a dumbded down society filled with puppets and the puppeteers know every trick to divert us from our natural selves.

For this exercise; and maybe this is not really an exercise, rather it is word awareness, I would like you to discover "YOUR" bad words that you use daily. Real bad words, not the ones we are told are bad words and called curse, cuss and swear words. Here are some examples of "bad words."

Bad Words


Wish I wish I had

When When I then I will but until then



You get the idea. Take those words OUT of your vocabulary. Those are bad words! Replace them with positive words like I am and I have.